$1.00 Off ANY Milk Coupon!

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Wowza! HOT coupons keep popping up! Head on over to score a $1.00 off ANY Milk coupon here! Will be mailed within 8 weeks!

Thanks, Suzie!

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  1. Kat says

    For some reason it keeps telling me my first name is invalid. Might want to tell the state of Illinois that – because that’s what they have on my birth certificate. LOL

  2. cathy says

    When I tried to register it said sorry only one coupon per household, but I never registered for one before???

  3. Lisa says

    these are not all gone….I just signed up and it said Thanks for registering look for your coupon in the mail in the next 8 weeks

  4. Anita Schenck says

    According to my birth certificate, the date I am entering is correct. The registration form is telling me it is wrong. Apparently I have celebrated on the wrong day all these years.

  5. Robert Wick says

    I just did it at 1;00 am and it worked…you need to put a phone number in where it says moble.I used my home phone, will they be surprized when they try to text me…oh well!!!

  6. Chris says

    I pisses me off when they don’t tell you upfront that there are no more coupons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clicked on a “get a coupon” button, fill out my info, only to have a page pop up that says “sorry we’re out of coupons”. But now they have all my info and I have nothing in return!

  7. says

    Why do I have to give my cell #?
    this just irritates me when I fill out all the info and then they ask for the cdll #. Needless to say I exit.

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