10 Clever Uses For Magic Erasers

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10 Clever Uses For Magic Erasers

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10 Clever Uses For Magic Erasers

Most of us have had the chance to use a magic eraser at some point. They are white sponges that magically clean just about anything and everything, a real staple in any home. Now, if you have been using them for a while, maybe the novelty of them has worn off. Well, those sponges have more uses then you would think and most times  you can use them on things you didn’t think you could. Check out the list below for 10 clever uses for magic erasers:

  1. Clean the inside and outside of special small appliances such as: Kitchen mixer, outside of the toaster, inside and outside of a slow cooker etc.
  2. Coffee mugs stained with years of coffee and lipstick? A magic eraser will take those marks right off!
  3. Use them to remove rust from virtually any surface!
  4. Sticky label on a jar that just won’t give? Give the jar a good soak in hot water and then take the magic eraser to it to remove the residue.
  5. Cut the eraser in half and leave it in your toilet bowl overnight. With a good soak it will remove toilet bowl rings.
  6. These sponges work perfect for getting your grout and tile clean. Simply use a wet sponge and start scrubbing, you’ll be amazed at the dirt removal.
  7. Remove pen, permanent marker and any other drawing tool off of walls and floors with one quick swipe.
  8. Magic erasers have also been known to remove ink stains off of jeans. However, test a small area first for discoloration.
  9. If you don’t have time for a full house clean, take the magic eraser and give every room a quick touch up. From light switches to counter tops, your house will sparkle in no time!
  10. Lastly, these magic sponges work great for any stains on shirt collars. Simply, dampen the sponge and scrub. Again, stick with white shirts only or spot test before doing the whole collar.
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  1. bridgett says

    It also gets spray paint off of a car . A friend of mines kid was playing with spray paint and well made a huge mess I suggested magic eraser and it came right off..

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