10 DIY Ways To Have Fun In The Backyard

10 DIY Ways To Have Fun In The Backyard


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10 DIY Ways To Have Fun In The Backyard

Summer has finally arrived, which means fun summer days and nights are ahead! However, it can still be hard to save money in the summer with all the festivals, markets and events going on. But despite all that, you can still have money free fun right in your own backyard. Not only will it save you some extra dollars, it can be fun for the whole family. Check out the list below for 10 DIY ways to have fun in the backyard:

  1. Build A Fort: It’s time to go back to your childhood days and brush up on your fort building skills. Grab the kids, blankets, pillows and anything else you might need to make the perfect backyard fort.
  2. DIY Project: Whether it be a simple tree house in your favorite tree or a fun game like life-sized jenga, DIY projects are perfect for the summer. With a little research and some creativity, you could find the perfect project for your backyard.
  3. Camp Out: You don’t have to go far to find a campground this summer. Set up a tent, sleeping bags and maybe even a mini campfire and invite the whole family to camp out. Not only is this a great way to bond with the family, it won’t cost you a thing!
  4. Lawn Twister: For a fun backyard game that won’t cost more than a can of spray paint, try lawn twister! Just like the colorful game, spray large circles of paint on the grass in rows. Once it has dried, grab a twister spinner and start playing.
  5. Mini Waterpark: If you don’t feel like trekking out to your local water park, why not make your own in the yard? Grab a kids size pool, the sprinkler and anything other water toys that will recreate a water park. Couldn’t be any easier to keep cool this summer!
  6. Scavenger Hunt: If your feeling creative, try making a backyard scavenger hunt. Create a list of common items found in the backyard and let the family run wild. Have  a small prize at the end of the hunt for the winner.
  7. DIY Swing: If you have the perfect tree in the yard that is asking for a swing why not build one? Tree swings can be easy and affordable to make . Just make sure everything is secure and safe before the swinging begins.
  8. Backyard Movies: Instead of heading to the movies, why not bring the movies to you? Set up a mini movie theatre in the backyard complete with popcorn, blankets and cozy pillows.
  9. Chalk Fun: Grab a few pieces of sidewalk chalk and get creative! You can create hopscotch, tic tac toe or even a giant game of hangman right in the front or backyard. The games are endless and when your done for the day, just use the hose to wash it away.
  10. Box Maze: Creating a  DIY cardboard maze is perfect if you have just moved in or out of a house and have some boxes left over. Put all the boxes together and cut doorways and windows on each one. Stick them all together and let the adventuring begin!

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