10 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol Around the House


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10 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is useful for many things around your home other than just cleaning up scrapes and cuts or other medical uses. Here are 10 uses for rubbing alcohol you may have never heard of:

  1. Keep the flu at bay by cleaning objects in your home that are most used such as phones, remotes and light switches with alcohol on a cotton ball. On your cell phone, as long as you don’t have an LCD screen, you will be able to get rid of makeup marks on the talk piece as well.
  1. Make yourself an ice pack. Just fill a resalable bag with 1 part alcohol and 3 parts water. The bag will freeze into a slush-like solution and you will be able to use it in hard to ice injuries such as knees, elbows or even ankles. Make them kid friendly by making them in different colors using food coloring.
  1. Remove hair styling products such as hairspray from bathroom fixtures. You may have gone a little “spray crazy” with the styling stuff, but you can remove dried on gunk with a little rubbing alcohol spray.
  1. Take that extra time on winter mornings to get ready and don’t stand in the freezing cold scraping your windows. Instead, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spritz it on your windows and simply wipe off.
  1. Avoid the frost in the first place by wiping your windows down with alcohol. It will help keep the frost off, and clear the fog that comes after as well.
  1. Prevent stains on your collar by wiping your neck down with rubbing alcohol right before you get dressed.
  1. If you are taking your dogs out for a fall walk, make sure to check them for ticks and use rubbing alcohol to aid in you in removing any you find. Ticks hate alcohol and will get disorientated and loosen their bite when doused with it.
  1. Ink stains are hard to remove from clothing, but using a bit of rubbing alcohol will help. Just dunk a cotton ball in it and allow to soak in before tossing in a cool wash.
  1. Permanent markers can be very difficult to remove from just about any surface. If you have some on your wall or counter, try letting some rubbing alcohol do the work.
  2. Tight shoes can be a real disappointment. If you have some that are pinching your feet, dab some alcohol in the problem areas and wear them. Do this for a couple days and they should stretch to fit.

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