10 Ways To Eat More Fruit

10 Ways To Eat More Fruit


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10 Ways To Eat More Fruit

We all know that it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. But does that mean we are motivated to eat more? In most cases that simple fact isn’t enough to get us eating! So, that means we have to find new and exciting ways to get more fruit in our diet on a daily basis.  If you can find a way to make eating fruit fun for the whole family, it might make it that much easier to eat more everyday. Check out the 10 ways below to eat more fruit:

  1. Oatmeal or Cereal: It can be hard to be motivated to make a healthy, fruit full breakfast. One easy way to start the day off right is to have a bowl of your favorite cereal or oatmeal and add your favorite fruits. Try different fruit like berries or bananas to create new flavors.
  2. Fruit Popsicle:  Looking for a cool treat on a warm day? Try making your own 100% fruit Popsicles.  Simply, pour your favorite pureed fruit in to the Popsicle molds and freeze. This is a great alternative to a calorie full ice cream bar and will keep you satisfied for longer!
  3. Ready Made Snacks: To make fruit a more accessible snack, prepare ahead of time. Wash all fruit ahead of time and store in containers or on the counter depending on the fruit. Having it pre-prepared will make for easy snacking and will help you avoid cravings for junk food.
  4. Smoothie: If you are in a rush or need a meal on the go, a smoothie is the perfect idea! Combine your favorite fruit or vegetables with a liquid of your choice and ice.  Once blended it can be a portable healthy snack or can make the perfect meal replacement when your on the go.
  5. Fruit Leather: Fruit leather is a great way to use up ripe fruits, increase your fruit intake and makes for a fun DIY food project. You can make DIY fruit leather with almost any fruit and it only takes a few hours in the oven before it’s ready to eat.
  6. Juice: If you own a juicer, it’s time to start making your own fruit juice at home! Similar to the smoothie idea, pack the juicer with your favorite fruit and vegetables and make a custom juice that is tailored to your flavor preferences.  The best part is, you can leave out the sugar and additives that store brought juice can contain.
  7. Applesauce: If you have kids in the house who go crazy for applesauce, why not make it at home? With apples, lemon and a few spices you can make homemade, healthy apple sauce with no sugar added. By leaving out the  sugar it makes it’s a fun and nutritious snack for any member of the family.
  8. Salad: If you are feeling like a salad for lunch or dinner, why not add in some fruit? Spinach, strawberries and blueberries make for a flavorful healthy salad that won’t take long to prepare. Get creative and see what fruit/salad combinations you can come with, you might just eat a little more than normal.
  9. Fruit Chips: If you are trying to kick a bad snacking habit, try fruit chips instead of potato chips! Apple chips are easy to make at home and make the perfect snack in the car, at school or even as a late night craving replacement.
  10. Frozen Fruit: Fresh fruit that has been frozen not only makes a great snack, it also helps the fruit last longer. Berries and grapes freeze best and then can be eaten right from frozen for a cool treat or an on the go snack.

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