10 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

10 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last Longer


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10 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

No matter how or when you grocery shop, everyone is always looking for more ways to save money and make our budgets stretch further. Another way we try and save money is to make our produce and grocery items last longer on a single shop. That is not always an easy task, but luckily there are ways to make your groceries stretch farther at home with a few helpful tips! Check out the ideas below for 10 ways to make your groceries last longer:

  1. Whole Fruits & Vegetables: One great way to keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer is to avoid cutting and slicing. If you keep your produce in full form, it won’t go bad or mold nearly as fast!
  2. Bread Care: A really great way to keep bread in the house for longer is by freezing it! If you are buying a few loaves of bread or even buns, freeze what you won’t use right away and put what you will use in the fridge. This will help bread stay fresh and you will always have a freezer supply of bread whenever you need it!
  3. Seal & Care: For any leftovers, cut produce or any extra items you want to save, place them in air tight containers or mason jars. This will keep them alive for a few extra days and you will be able to see into your containers to avoid any waste.
  4. Isolate Bananas: If you notice your fruit dying quickly when surrounded by bananas, there is a reason this happens! The bananas give off gasses that will kill produce faster, so when you can keep them separate do so or even better use a banana hanger for maximum freshness and air circulation.
  5. Bottle Storage: Items like green onions and chives can go bad quickly! To avoid this, cut up the produce and place in an airtight plastic bottle. These items will keep for a few weeks and because they are pre cut it will make seasoning super easy!
  6. What You Need: It’s really important when shopping to only buy what you need. Make sure to pre plan what you need to make it through till the next grocery shop and avoid overbuying items that may be wasted. This is especially important when it comes to fresh produce.
  7. Clean Fridge: When it comes to making food last longer, your fridge plays an important role. If you load groceries into a fridge that has had any type of mold or leftover food in it, it can actually get to your fresh groceries and kill them faster. So make sure to give your fridge a quick clean with a gentle cleaner before you load new groceries in.
  8.   Cover Herbs: Herbs are usually one of the first items to go bad! To avoid this make sure to cover your herbs with a plastic bag and a rubber band. This will keep them fresh for up to a few weeks.
  9. Bad Apples: Did you know that one apple can make the whole bunch go bad? If you notice you have a bad apple in the group, remove it right away. One rotting apple can take down a whole bunch if you’re not careful!
  10. Paper Towel Lettuce: When storing lettuce, it is best to add a piece of paper towel or two. By doing this you will remove the moisture in the lettuce and keep it fresh for up to a few weeks longer.

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