10 Ways To Reuse Newspaper

10 Ways To Reuse Newspaper


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 10 Ways To Reuse Newspaper

Sitting down with the morning newspaper and having a strong cup of coffee is a regular routine for most. But what happens to that newspaper after you are finished reading it? Hopefully it will end up in the recycling, but before it heads there it can be re used in a few different ways. Check out the list of 10 ways you can reuse a newspaper before it heads into a blue bin!

  1. Protect Your Table: When the kids decide to take on there next craft project, lay down some newspaper to contain the mess. It will make clean up a breeze and a keep your table unharmed.
  2. Window Cleaner: Newspaper is a great alternative to paper towel when it comes to washing your windows and glass doors.
  3. Wrapping Paper: If your looking for a cool look when wrapping presents, newspaper is a great option! Not only does it look great, it is a good way to save money on store bought paper.
  4. Kindling: Newspaper is a great tool when you have your next fire. Whether it be camping or your home fireplace, use this at the base of your fire to get great results.
  5. Shoe Shaper:  Use newspaper to keep the shape of your shoe. Before you pop them in the closet, stuff them till they are firm.
  6. Garden Protector: Laying down newspaper in your garden bed before laying down dirt can provide protection from weeds.
  7. Drawer Liner: Line your vegetable drawer in the fridge with a layer or two of newspaper. This will help keep it clean and it will absorb odors.
  8. Stainless Shiner: Use wadded up newspaper to shine any stainless steel objects in your house. Just make sure the newspaper is slightly damp.
  9. Ripen Fruit: Wrap un-ripened fruit in newspaper to accelerate the process.
  10. Pet Cage Liner:  Newspaper is perfect for lining the bottom of a pets cage. You can also lay some out if you have a puppy or kitten that is potty training to help with accidents.


  1. PS to #1 I learned, when my now 23 year old was little and using lots of craft glue and/or glitter. Old telephone books are GREAT; when project is done just tear out the used pages and you are ready for the next project 🙂

  2. I love wrapping presents with newspaper! They just look so cool!

  3. I put a few newspapers in the bottom of the litterboxes then top with scoopable litter. I find that all my cats pee in the corner, and scoopable isn’t *that* great at becoming solid when wet. The newspaper soaks up the liquid into the very bottom of the litterbox, keeping the litter loose & clean, PLUS it makes it a lot easier when I want to clean the box itself, the litter dries to the paper, not the box itself!

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