10 Ways To Use Toilet Paper Rolls

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10 Ways To Use Toilet Paper Rolls


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10 Ways To Use Toilet Paper Rolls

There are some things that we automatically recycle or throw away without a second thought. Toilet paper rolls might be one of the items on that list. Surprisingly, toilet paper rolls can actually come in handy in many situations from organizing to cleaning to even crafting! So where do you start? Well, we have complied a list below of the 10 best uses for toilet paper rolls and you might just be surprised what handy tasks these cardboard rolls can handle:

  1. Wrapping Paper: Toilet paper rolls are perfect for keeping wrapping paper organized. Simply cut one side of the cardboard roll and slip it around your roll of wrapping paper. This will keep the loose end of the wrapping paper from unrolling.
  2. Cord Organization: These little rolls are perfect for keeping your cords tangle free. Wrap the cord or cords of your choice inside and out of the toilet paper roll. Secure the cord on the inside with a little tape so it doesn’t unravel when storing.
  3. Gift Boxes: It couldn’t be easier or more budget friendly to wrap small gifts in toilet paper rolls. The best part is with a few cuts and folds you can make a cute gift box that is completely custom for the recipient.
  4. Art Caddy: If you need somewhere to store your art supplies and pens, try this! Decorate a few tubes of your choice with different colours or patterns, glue them standing straight up and down on to a thick cardboard base and let dry. Fill the tubes with pens, brushes or really anything that will fit. This makes for a cost free project and a great way to organize your supplies.
  5. Fire Starter: Stuff a toilet paper roll full to the top with dryer lint (sealing the sides with tape if necessary).  This will create the perfect fire starter for any campfire or fireplace and it won’t cost a thing.
  6. Bird Feeder: If you are looking for a quick project with the kids, try this! Cover the toilet paper roll in peanut butter and bird seed and attach string for hanging.  Hang this fun craft outside and watch as the birds fly in!
  7. Seedling Help: Try growing any seedlings in toilet paper rolls. Once they are ready to be replanted, they can be put directly into the ground. Over time the tube will disintegrate in the ground as well.
  8. Napkin Rings: If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive way to fancy up dinner, try this idea! Decorate and cut toilet paper rolls into napkin rings to be used for dinner place settings. This is especially awesome when having people over for dinner as it can be customized per guest.
  9. Vacuum Hose: Do you ever find yourself wishing your vacuum tube would just extend a little bit more? Well, try using a toilet paper roll on the end to get to hard to reach places and to extend your vacuum’s reach.
  10. Marble Race: Lastly, a fun project and game for the kids is to create your own marble track. Create a track by taping several rolls together and race marbles down them to see who gets there first!
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  1. Victoria Okain says

    The print and PDF button on your posts often is overridden by a pin it heart which goes to pinterest. I cant sneak up on the print button to print a post. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  2. Vicki says

    Also use the toilet paper roll for your favorite “stretchy” bracelets…. simply decorate your toilet paper roll w/ your favorite pattern, velvet or fabric using hot gun or whatever you want to secure your fabric then place your jewelry/bracelets on it, looks fancy and organized.

  3. Jennifer says

    While reading this, I thought.. use one to organize elastic hair bands! Can never keep track of those things :/

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