15 Uses For Leftover Food and Fruit Scraps

15 Uses For Leftover Food Scraps


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15 Uses For Leftover Food Scraps

As easy as it can be to throw away items like orange peels and veggie scraps, they actually have a few uses before they get tossed.  Check out this list below of 15 food scraps that can be re used and re purposed before being discarded. It’s not only a great way to re use items it can save you some money on the way!

  1.  Citrus Exfoliation Scrub: Orange peels and lemon peels can be used to make a invigorating scrub!  Just mix a few peels with items like sea salt or coffee grounds, then apply to skin and scrub! This will help remove dead skin and can make your skin extremely soft!
  2. Cucumber Bath: Toss some cucumber peels in the tub next time you decide to take a bath! They can help to soothe dry skin.
  3. Banana Peel Shine:  Did you know you can shine your shoes with a banana peel? Rub the peel on the outside of the shoe to get a great shine and buff with a clean cloth
  4. Avocado Pots:  If your short a mini planter, you can use the shell of an avocado. This DIY planters are not only biodegradable but they will help little seedlings get started.
  5. Eggshell Slug Repellent:  Use crushed eggshells in your garden beds to make slugs stay away!
  6. Lemon Freshener: Boiling lemon peels can make your house smell fresh and clean. Feel free to add vanilla extract, spices or even lime peels to get a stronger scent.
  7. Flavored Vodka: With different types of fruit peels, you can create your own flavored vodka. Simply add the peel of your choice and let it sit for 5-7 days.
  8. Orange Stove Cleaner:  After you have juiced a orange or lemon, sprinkle some salt on the half and use it to clean the stove. It makes a great cleaner and scrubber to get those stubborn splatters off.
  9. Jams: Rinds from different citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and orange make great ingredients for jam.
  10. Veggie Stock: Leftover veggie scraps can make a great base stock for soups and stews. The best part is you can freeze it for use later.
  11. Croutons: Leftover bread? Might as well make your own croutons and save some money by not buying store bought 
  12. Cantaloupe Face Wash: Next time you cut up a cantaloupe save the rinds.  You can use them to wash your face and it will leave you feeling restored and refreshed.
  13. Melon Juice: Watermelon rinds make for a great juice. Blended with ginger this can make a very healthy drink and give you a boost of energy.
  14. Serving Bowls: You can create a serving bowl for your next party out of anything from a pumpkin shell to a emptied out watermelon.
  15. Onion dye:  Next Easter boil your eggs with some onions to end up with beautiful orange and yellow dyed eggs.

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