*HOT* Walmart: FREE Glade + Make $2.00!

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There is a HOT deal at Walmart on these Glade Expression Oil Diffusers. Rumor has it that some Walmarts have these on clearance for $5.00 (Reg $7.98), plus they have a try me free rebate on them! As if that wasn’t good enough there is also a $2.00 on any Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser starter kit coupon out!

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Kit: $5.00 
Use $2.00 on any Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser starter kit
Try Me Free Mail In Rebate on Package
= $3 out of pocket, but $5 Try Me Free Rebate
= FREE + $2 Moneymaker!


Thanks I Heart the Mart

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  1. Lisa says

    @Nancy. How many coupons were you trying to use? You should be able to use 1 coupon for each one you buy. Then you can send away the rebate and get your purchase price back. I guess I don’t understand exactly what problem you had?

  2. Brittany Arrand says

    Walmart can sometimes be rude when it comes to couponing….my trick, look for a happy looking cashier and then lay on the niceness…tell her what coups u have during the checkout and usually I do ok. And this is a great deal!

    • Jenn says

      Half the time Brittany, it’s because the cashiers don’t know how to properly handle multiple coupons and aren’t even aware of their own company’s policy.

      I had a coupon for 1 free box of John Frieda’s hair dye. The associate got down right argumentative about the fact that I was going to owe the tax. I explained to her politely that her math wasn’t 100% and even showed her that the max limit on how much the coupon would cover was well below what the total cost was. I felt sorry for her, even though she got me a little aggravated after about 10 minutes, because the CSR Manager that came over to resolve the issue, first agreed with the associate, then turned around after I showed her the error as well, told the associate that SHE was the one not paying attention and all but called her stupid. SMH!

  3. Debbie says

    AMEN Brittany. Last time I had a horrible shopping experience and only had 5 internet coupons with my mfg coupons. You would have thought I was going to steal it and that was before she even tried my coupons.

  4. nancy says

    @Lisa I was trying to use 3 coupons for three items and they told me no that i could only use one coupon per transaction.and the i asked if i could just do 3 transactions and she said no i could not.

    • Jenn says

      Do as many transactions as you want… How in the heck are they supposed to really know anyways? Tick me off, I’ll go to a different line. LOL!! 90% of these coupons state one coupon per product purchased. But again, when you don’t have people who use them a lot, or just don’t read the coupon, they don’t want to *waste* the time to help you. It becomes a matter of inconvenience to them. I have no problem talking to a manager if the cashier doesn’t know how to do it. Maybe I’m a pain in the butt about it… but if I don’t save money for my family, then who will? They generate these coupons to be USED! Not printed, clipped and thrown away just because the 17 year old that’s putting your eggs and bread under the watermelon you just bought doesn’t want to go the extra inch to help out their customers.

  5. Sue Crum says

    Whenever I shop at Walmart they seem to always up front say to me that if the coup won’t scan, then they won’t accept it. And yet I’ve never had one not scan…lol This is a great deal.

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