20 Unique Home Organizing Ideas with Pictures!

Home organizing ideas 

20 unique home organizing

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Having an organized home always feels so good. The key to always being organized is making sure everything has a place and be sure to put that item in its place every time you use it, buy it, etc. I also have another post called 16 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas and Tips with Pictures that you may want to check out!

These clever tips below will help you get and stay organized.



(Photo Credit, source & to see directions: Decorchick)

Putting a lazy susan in the corners of your pantry is a super fantastic way to not only utilize space but also be able to easily access each item! For instructions on how to do this head over to Decorchick.


(Photo Credit, source & to see directions: Clean and Scentsible)

Clean and Scentsible came up with a super cute idea for kids art work! Using a clipboard makes it so you can change them out as often as you’d like and the kiddos love it!


(Photo Credit, source & to see directions: Lowes)

What a smart idea! Use moulding (you can buy these at places like Lowes) to hang your heels on!


(Photo Credit, source: Unknown/Pinterest)

Use a clip or carabiner to keep your hair ties together!! I love this because I alway seem to lose mine (or the cat takes them).


(Photo Credit, source: Unknown/Pinterest)

Use a paper towel holder for garbage bags!!


(Photo Credit, source: Darling Stuff)

Use a bookcase as a closet to hang extra clothing and use bins for socks, accessories, etc.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: All Woman Stalk)

Hate seeing cords? I sure do….what about placing an extension cord in your nightstand drawer and charging your goodies in the drawer?! SMART!


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: That’s Mellifluous)

I love making cute labels for things…labels always help me organize and I love when they are stylish! Head over to That’s Mellifluous for directions on how to make your own!


Did you know that you can use those Over the door hanging shoe racks to store all kinds of things (other than shoes)!? I bet you may not have thought about that, but these work GREAT! You can store everything from your stock pile of ketchup to jewelry and make-up!

I am currently using a few around the house and this one is for my kitchen items. It’s currently holding honey, vitamins, apple butter and more.


You can use ice cube trays to store your jewelry….especially earrings! You can find these ice cube trays at the dollar store (and sometimes they even have 2 packs). Be sure to get the ones that stack on each other if you have a lot of jewelry you want to store.

This can be so much cheaper than buying a jewelry box (and in my opinion even organizes and stores them a little better.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: The Cameron Team)

Use a tension rod to hang and organize items under the sink (in kitchen and in bathrooms!).


(Photo Credit, source:Powleys Island Posh)

I love having a change jar. It’s a great place to organize your loose change and you’d be surprised how fast this change will add up!


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Jazzie and Tahlia)

Jazzie and Tahlia have a great idea on how to organize card games…looks pretty cute huh?! Head over to see how they did it.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Organizing Homelife)

What a cute way to store your kiddos stuffed animals! See how to make one at Organizing Homelife.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Family Handyman)

This is such a great way to store wrapping paper so it doesn’t get wrinkled, stepped on, take up space, etc!


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Everyday Organizing)

These fake pull-out drawers are super easy to do and really help keep your cabinets organized. They also make it very easy to find things.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Our Thrifty Ideas)

I love these cord organizers…made of toilet paper rolls, very frugal and easy to do. But I also love how Our Thrifty Ideas made them pretty too!


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Epbot)

Aren’t these so cute?! What a great way to organize your flip flops…use wire hangers.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Idea Bottle)

Use a soda can top to hang outfits together in the closet.


(Photo Credit, source and for directions: Pretty Please)

Use clip hangers to hang your boots! I can’t stand when my boots flop over…they are hard to store and seem to get ruined that way so I am loving this idea!

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