2012 Walmart Black Friday Deals: Get Black Friday Prices RIGHT NOW!!

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UPDATE – Just to clear some things up…first of all, the information in the post and interview are directly from the Director of Communications and Community Relations. You can read his exact answers about the layaway BF pricing. Also, please be aware that although he did say this was acceptable, you will be dealing with a cashier on Black Friday or Thanksgiving who may not know that these are the correct rules so as a disclaimer, you may not want to rely 100% on what the director said since unfortunately, you won’t be dealing with him. Plus, remember that no matter if the UPC’s are different or not, you can put the item on layaway and then pick it up and price match it to Target, Toys R Us (or other stores) price. This will help reassure that your item will be available and not sell out. Last thing, be sure to check on your stores hours for the layaway department on BF and Thursday because they may all vary. Hope that helps!

Wow! So there is some pretty AMAZING news just released about Black Friday and Walmart….

You can start shopping Black Friday prices…right…NOW!!! Say what?! Yes, that’s right! Here is the long story made short (you can read ALL the details below) but basically you can put Black Friday sale items on Layaway right now and then on Black Friday, get the SAME Black Friday pricing!!

I highly recommend looking over the Walmart Black Friday Ad for 2012 and go put them on Layaway See the Walmart Layaway Policy here ANYTIME starting NOW until Wednesday right before Thanksgiving!
Some Important rules/tips…
  • You cannot price match the items right now BUT when you go to Walmart on Black Friday (so Thursday or Friday) you can price match then (with any other Black Friday Ad!!!!!) 8-O – If you are Price matching other stores Black Friday Ads it must be to the EXACT same item. All dates AND times apply.
  • You will then need to pay off your entire layaway balance right then and there on Black Friday and close out your contract (or you cannot price match).
  • Also, remember, I will be up all night long posting Black Friday deals that are available online (and most of these deals WILL indeed be online). So grab some coffee and join me! ;-)


Now, have FUN Black Friday shopping early!!


See the internview with the Director of Communications and Community Relations at Walmart about Black Friday below:

  • For items already on layaway, will Walmart price match those items if they have now gone on sale for Black Friday? 
Items that have been put on layaway then are paid off on Black Friday will be sold at Black Friday pricing (i.e. If you place a LG Blu-ray player on layaway today and payoff the purchase on Black Friday, you will pay the $38 Black Friday price).
  • Can you use coupons for layaway items? 

Yes. Walmart is committed to providing our customers with the lowest prices. To back up our price leadership promise, we will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product right at the cash register even on layaway items.More information is available at walmartstores.com/download/4752.pdf.

  • Are Black Friday deals online again? 

Customers can also get a jump start on shopping from the comfort of their homes with a two day online-only event on Walmart.com starting early on Thanksgiving Day and extending through Black Friday. Savings on hundreds of the hottest toys and electronics include:·

Samsung 50″ Class LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV – $698

·       Ematic 7” Tablet Android 4.0 1GHz, 4GB – $49

·       Dsi XL Ultimate Bundle – $129

·       Razor A Kick Scooter, Multiple Colors – $25

  • Is Walmart price-matching Black Friday ads?
Our long standing ad match guarantee will be in effect throughout the 2012 holiday season – including on Black Friday. The ad match guarantee ensures that customers get the best prices on toys and other items throughout the store. We will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product right at the cash register. Walmart’s ad match guarantee does not include online prices.


Thanks so much, I Heart the Mart, you totally ROCK!


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  1. Laura says

    Does the layaway have to be done in person or can I do it over the phone? I will be in another town for Black Friday than where I live so I won’t have a chance to go put it on layaway before the date!

  2. Allison says

    FYI if it is a bundle, like the Xbox, that product is only available on Black Friday so this won’t work for bundles…i talked to a store manager about it. The sku numbers are different. I’m out of luck lol!!

  3. Stephanie says

    This is awesome!! I read on Walmart’s website that each item has a minimum of $15-so you can’t do it for everything(like the cheap kid’s pj’s I like to get:) Just a heads up :)

  4. steph says

    so let me get this right…i can layaway everything thats on sale for black friday now and go to my same walmart and get those same items i put on layaway for black friday prices???

  5. Andi says

    Did you confirm this with someone at Walmart? I work in the layaway department of my Walmart store and unless the policy has changed in the last 3 days, layaway will be closed on Black Friday. No pick-ups, price adjustments or changes to layaway accounts can be made on Black Friday. I don’t know if this is for all stores or if each store can decide but please confirm this because otherwise there will be some very upset customers.

    • Andi says

      I’m sorry, I missed the part where you spoke with the Walmart representative. I will have to check with my manager and make sure they are aware of this. I would advise everyone to ask about this prior to adding your items to layaway so the store employees know what is going on. This news has not spread to all stores.

  6. sophia says

    I just contacted walmart layaway department , and they said they never heard of this , and then i spoke to the manager of sales and was told that most of the items that are being sold on black friday are not even available yet, and hes never heard of this layaway thing.

  7. kelly says

    Here is what walmart’s facebook page states-

    If you have an any item on Layaway and would like to receive the reduced price during our Black Friday sale the item(s) would need to be deleted from the Layaway account and added back to receive the event price (or price matched whichever is lower). Keep in mind layaway will be closed until 9am on Friday (11/23). Event prices for items sold during our first two sales events at 8pm 11/22 and 10pm 11/22 are only available while supplies last so they may be sold out when the Layaway desk reopens

    If I understand this correctly- if the store is out of stock on an item you have in layaway (at 9 am when layaway opens) they will not honor the price because the store is out of stock.

    The question that should be asked is if you are out of stock and I decide to return the item from layaway, then you technically aren’t out of stock anymore- so can I buy it back and will you honor the price now?

  8. Andi says

    I checked with my store regarding our specific policy. Our layaway department will be closed all day Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. It will not be open again until 9am the following Saturday morning. Since the regular price-matching guidelines indicate the price must be in effect on the day of the sale, our store will be unable to adjust prices to Black Friday sale prices for items in layaway. I cannot speak on behalf of other stores on whether or not their layaway departments will be open. Also, these things can change on a moments notice. Me saying this today does not mean they won’t change it and have layaway open on Black Friday. The best option is to keep in contact with your intended store close to the date to be sure you won’t be wasting your time.

    • jatonia says

      You are correct all walmart lay away areas are closed. They do not have it open in any stores nor have they had it open in the past.

  9. krystal says

    Can you price match stuff you put on layaway, not talking about black Friday stuff. For example if I put a barbie on layaway and find it for sale tomorrow can I take the ad in and have them price match it?

    • jatonia says

      yes Krystal the ad match will work on Layaway items, however be aware that there is a $15.00 minimum price needed per item on layaway so if your going to price match below that minimum the item no longer meets the requirements. On our wire under FAQ there is some ambiguity as to weather an item already on lay away and being price matched may go below the minimum. In our store I will allow it because of that but not every store would.

  10. Dawn says

    It worked!!!! Just scored a new bike for my little girl for $35!!!! Put it in layaway earlier this week and picked it up today! :-)

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