3 Ways To Save Money With Gardening

3 Ways To Save Money With Gardening


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3 Ways To Save Money With Gardening

Gardening season is in full bloom as we finish off spring and welcome summer with open arms.  Gardening is not only a great hobby but it can also be a great way to save money on your weekly grocery bill. This is because we can grow important grocery staples right in our own backyard. Check out the list below for 3 ways to save money while gardening:

  1. Herbs: Store bought pre-packed herbs can be really expensive in store.  You can pay up to $4 a package and most times these herbs won’t last longer than a couple of weeks. So this is why if you grow them in your home garden, you can save some serious cash! You can grow anything from basil to cilantro to even mint leaves. This will save you money in the long run and you can cut exactly the amount you need.
  2. Vegetables:  Another great way to save money is to grow your own vegetables right in your backyard! It doesn’t take too much knowledge or expertise to grow the most common veggies and you’ll get to eat something you have grown yourself! The options are endless but if you are just starting out try growing items like: tomatoes, green onions and even lettuce if you want something a little more advance.
  3. Fruit: Last but not least, fruit is a great item to have in your home garden. Having fruit in the garden is a great way to save some extra dollars at the grocery store and if you are extra frugal try growing items that can be frozen and saved.  Berries are one of the best fruits to grow as they don’t take up too much space, they can be eaten right away or frozen  and you’ll know exactly what is going in and on your fruit during the growing process. Make sure to try one of these options this gardening season!


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