4 Bra Hacks To Make Life Easier

4 Bra Hacks To Make Life Easier


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4 Bra Hacks To Make Life Easier

As a women, one item of clothing you may wear a lot is your bra. It’s most times necessary to give you the support and structure you need. But it isn’t always an easy road when it comes to bras and fashion. Whether it is a strap sticking out of the wrong place or an annoying under wire, bra’s don’t come without headaches.  Luckily, there are a few easy hacks to keep in mind to make bra wearing not so difficult. Check out the tips below for 4 bra hacks to make life easier:

  1. Paperclip Trick: If you need  to turn a regular bra into a racer back style bra, use a paperclip. Pulling the two straps together in the back and securing with a paperclip will give you the fashion fix you’re looking for in a pinch and hide your straps!
  2. Sports Bra Clean: To keep your sports bra looking good and clean, try this quick shower trick. After your workout, head into the shower with your sports bra on. Give it a good rinse and then remove it. Once removed give it a good hand wash in or out of the shower and let it hang to dry. This will keep the material in better shape and help your bra last longer.
  3. Hang Bras: When it comes to bra storage, there is a big difference! If you keep your bras in a drawer or box, they have a tendency to become bent or tangled. However, if you hang your bras over the second part of a coat hanger, you will not only save storage space, your bras will lay properly avoiding damage or squishing. This also makes it easy to see which bras you own.
  4. Double Sided: When you have a bra strap that won’t stop falling off your shoulder, tape can help. Use double-sided tape for a quick fix to this problem! Simply, place the double-sided tape on the outside of your bra strap and stick it to your shirt or tank top. This will keep the strap in place, until you can look at the fit closer!

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