4 Non Nail Uses For Nail Polish Remover

4 Non Nail Uses For Nail Polish Remover


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4 Non Nail Uses For Nail Polish Remover

When you think of nail polish remover, your mind might automatically go to manicures or pedicures. But funny enough nail polish remover isn’t just a one trick pony, it comes packed with several helpful uses. It can be used around the house, for stain removal and even on fine china! While it may sound crazy to use a beauty product outside of the beauty world, it can be really effective! Check out the 4 non nail uses for nail polish remover below:

  1. Stained China: That’s right, nail polish remover really can save your fine china. If you notice any staining or coffee marks, try scrubbing them with a small cotton ball dipped in polish remover and then wash as normal. With a little elbow grease the stains will come right off!
  2. White Out Saver: White out or any type of liquid paper correction fluid can get gummy and dried out quick! But don’t throw away that bottle just yet. Try adding a few drops of nail polish remover and shake the bottle vigorously. The nail polish remover will re liquefy the solution making it perfect for correcting those written typo’s!
  3.  Sharpie Remover: If you ever need to remove those pesky permanent marker marks, this is a great way to do so! Simply, rub the sharpie mark with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover for instant removal! (Make sure to spot test the area first, before diving in to the scrubbing step)
  4. Super Glue Remedy: Hopefully you won’t need to use this tip, but it’s great to keep in mind. If you ever get stuck in a sticky situation with super glue and skin, try using nail polish remover. The polish remover will work away at the super glue and quickly get you un-stuck.

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