4 Ways To Avoid Freezer Burn

4 Ways To Avoid Freezer Burn


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4 Ways To Avoid Freezer Burn

Freezer burn can be a real pain when it comes to any type of food. You are trying to save money by freezing extra foods, but everytime you do it comes out with a layer of freezer ice and most times becomes inedible. This can be super frustrating as freezer burn can lead to wasted food and wasted money, so what is the solution? Well there are a few ways to avoid freezer burn and they are easier than you might think, check out the 4 ways below:

  1. Rotate & Date: One easy way to avoid freezer burn is to keep the freezer organized. Anything that goes into the freezer should have a date on it. This will allow you to rotate the older items to the front and use them first preventing the growth of freezer burn.
  2. Cool Food Only: It is really important to make sure all food heading into the freezer cools off and doesn’t go into the freezer warm. If the item goes in even slightly warm, freezer burn will almost always show up. So, to avoid this let meals and leftovers cool for at least an hour or two before packing and freezing them.
  3. No Air: Air is a big enemy when packaging foods for the freezer. If there is any leftover air in your freezer item, freezer burn is more likely to show up. To avoid this you can make sure your bags are full to the top with no room for air or make sure all the air is squished out before freezing.
  4. Packaging: Packaging can be a really important factor when it comes to preventing freezer burn. You want to make sure all your items are wrapped tightly (even double wrapped) to keep our all the air and cold. Also, if you want to go the extra mile a food vacuum sealer works great to guarantee freezer burn stays out!

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