4 Ways To Remove Wrinkles Without Using The Iron

4 Ways To Remove Wrinkles Without Using The Iron


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4 Ways To Remove Wrinkles Without Using The Iron

There is nothing worse than putting on your favorite article of clothing, only to find it’s completely wrinkled! Wrinkles in clothing can be annoying and time consuming to fix as normally you would have to pull out the iron, wait for it to heat up and work away at the wrinkles. But there is a few easier ways to remove wrinkles without even touching the iron! Check out the list below for 4 ways to remove wrinkles without using the iron:

  1. Dryer: The dryer is the number one tool to get wrinkles out fast. Simply grab your wrinkled garment and throw it in the dryer on medium heat. For extra wrinkle release power, throw in a small lightly damp cloth with the article of clothing.
  2. DIY Wrinkle Release Spray: Whether you choose to buy or DIY wrinkle release spray, it’s a great product in a pinch! All you have to do is spritz on a little spray and let the garment hang dry. The wrinkles will release quickly and it won’t take much effort.
  3. Damp Towel: It has been said that a damp towel can remove wrinkles in no time! Lay down your wrinkled garment on a flat surface and lay a damp towel over top. Lightly press down over the most wrinkled areas to smooth out the wrinkles.
  4. Shower Steam: When you are in a hurry, try this trick to remove wrinkles! Hang up your clothing item in the bathroom right before you take a shower. Shut the door and make sure to have a warm enough shower to produce steam. The steam and heat will help to release wrinkles and should be good to go by the time you finish shampooing!

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