4 Ways To Use Ketchup Around The House

4 Ways To Use Ketchup Around The House


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4 Ways To Use Ketchup Around The House

When you think of ketchup, your mind might go right to using it as a condiment or in your favorite sauce. Fair enough, ketchup is the perfect pair to a hot dog or hamburger, but does it have other uses? Yes! Ketchup is not only a universal cooking product in the kitchen, it’s also a great tool for around the house. If you find yourself with too much ketchup, these ideas are a great way to use it all up!  Keep reading to find out 4 ways to use ketchup around the house:

  1. De-Skunk Solution: If you find that your pet or yourself has been skunked, try using ketchup! Simply rub the ketchup over the area, scrubbing it in like soap and rinse. The smell should lift off after 1-2 washes. Tomato juice will also work for this in a pinch.
  2. Copper Shine: If you really want your copper to shine, treat it with ketchup. The ketchup works like a polish, as you rub it into the tarnished areas you will notice they will start to shine after only a little bit of polishing.
  3. Scratched Disk: It’s disappointing when you find your favorite DVD or CD scratched up, but there is an easy solution! Simply rub over the scratches with a soft cloth and a small amount of ketchup. It will fill the cracks and won’t leave any residue behind. Once you have gone over it a few times, let it dry and disk should be usable again!
  4. Ice Pack: Do you have any small ketchup packets around? Throw them in the freezer next time you have a few and use them as mini ice packs. They are perfect for small cuts, bumps and bruises and make great travel packs!

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