4 Ways To Use Leftover Rice

4 Ways To Use Leftover Rice


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4 Ways To Use Leftover Rice

Leftovers can be a really helpful thing when it comes to meal planning and saving money. Rice is one of the best leftovers to have in the fridge as it can go along way with a little work. The options are endless with rice as you can make a quick and easy lunch, a flavorful dinner or even a yummy dessert! Check out the list below for 4 ways to use leftover rice:

  1. Fried Rice: One of the best leftover dinner options for rice is making a nice and flavorful fried rice. It’s perfect for clearing out the fridge because any ingredient goes and it is a completely custom meal just for you! Add carrots, zucchini, eggs, spinach, broccoli or any other vegetable you crave in with the rice in a hot pan or wok. Fry up all the ingredients until warm and add your favorite combination of sauce and seasoning for the perfect leftover meal.
  2. Rice Pudding: All you need is a little milk, sugar, cinnamon and some leftover rice to make this tasty dessert! It won’t take long to whip up a yummy rice pudding and you’ll actually being cutting the calories while still enjoying a warm treat.  Garnish your rice pudding with fresh fruit, raisins or nuts.
  3. Salad: Seems weird to put rice into a salad? It’s surprisingly really good and it will make for a hearty lunch. Simply reheat your rice and mix it in with your salad base of spinach, lettuce, kale etc. Once your base salad is mixed up, add in whatever toppings you prefer such as vegetables, croutons and the dressing of your choice. To add more protein to the meal consider adding meat, tofu or even an egg or two.
  4. Soup: Leftover rice is the perfect add in to any pre-made or from scratch soup. It will stretch the soup making more servings and will make the soup extra filling.You can add it to a canned soup to make it more hearty or you can use it as a base for homemade soup such as chicken or vegetable!

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