List of 4th of July Recipes and Crafts

4th of July Recipes and Crafts4th of July Recipes and Crafts

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4th of July Recipes and Crafts

4th of July is a time to enjoy good food, nice weather and of course celebrate our freedom! 4th of July gives you the perfect opportunity to throw an awesome barbecue or family gathering. This is a great time to get creative and festive. Having a hard time coming up with 4th of July themed foods or crafts? I’ve put together a list of ten things that can make your 4th of July a real hit this year.

Delicious 4th of July Recipes:

Red White and Blue Ice Cream Sandwiches (4th of July!)

Patriotic Pudding Pops

Spangled Smoothie

Red White & Blue Dipped Oreos

Real Fruit Popsicles

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Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Creamy Hershey’s Cookie Dip Recipe

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Easy Fruit Spritzer

Homemade Oreo Cookies

4th Of July Cupcakes Recipe: Red, White and Blue Chocolate Cupcakes

Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos Recipe *Very Popular!*

10 Crock Pot Recipes

Here are some more…

1. Patriotic Pops – These patriotic pos will be the hit of any 4th of July party. The recipe in this post is perfect but you could also get creative and make it your own.

2. Crockpot Chilli – No 4th of July celebration is complete without some good ol’ homemade chilli! Best part is this is done right in the crock pot, giving you time to entertain your guests.

3. 4th of July Flip Flops – If you really want to get festive this 4th of July, these flip-flops are a must! Easy to make and they look awesome.

4. 4th of July Cheesecake – Cheesecake is an American favorite, making 4th of July the perfect time to serve it. Your guests will love how festive it looks.

5. Star Spangled Rice Krispie Treats – These have to be the cutest and most unique idea ever! I think they would look great as a centerpiece or a treat for the kids.

6. Grilled Balsamic Steak – Steak is a popular choice at any barbecue. Steak can get pretty expensive if you are feeding a lot of people. This recipe uses a less expensive cut and gives you a great marinade.

7. Firecracker Cookies – These adorable cookies will really set the theme of your 4th of July party. Kids and adults alike will enjoy these.

8. 4th of July Layered Drink – This 4th of July drink is suitable for children and adults. If you wanted to turn it into an adult drink you could definitely do that.

9. 4th of July Kid Crafts – This website gives you tons of printables and craft ideas for the 4th of July.

10. Healthy 4th of July Cake – Fruit and vegetable trays are popular at summer parties. Take your fruit tray up a notch and really let your creativity shine!

Do you have any go to recipe’s or crafts for 4th of July?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my flip flops!!

  2. Laura Johnson-Zenteno says

    Great recipes thank you. 🙂 Happy early 4th of July

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