5 Different Uses For Cinnamon

5 Different Uses For Cinnamon


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5 Different Uses For Cinnamon

Cinnamon may be something you use around the kitchen and in baking on a regular basis. But have you considered some other uses for cinnamon? Surprisingly, it has a ton of uses around the house and even when it comes to our health and well being.  It’s really amazing what one small product can really do and surprisingly it can help out our budget by saving us money. Check out the top 5 different uses for cinnamon in everyday life and try them out today:

  1. Breath Refresher: Nevermind buying mouthwash or even mints, cinnamon is an easy way to freshen breath! Simply, chew on a cinnamon stick or gargle with water and a small amount of cinnamon for fresh breath that lasts all night!
  2. Brain Power: Did you know that cinnamon has been known to boost brain power and increase productivity? Try adding cinnamon into your breakfast routine or in your morning coffee for an extra brain boost at the beginning of the day.
  3. Stomach Ache Aid: Cinnamon and honey make a helpful remedy when you are suffering from a stomach ache. Try combining honey and cinnamon into a warm cup of tea or water and drink to soothe away stomach aches and pains.
  4.  Treat A Cold: Not only does the combination of cinnamon and honey cure stomach aches, it has also been known to remedy head colds and sickness. The easiest and most effective way to take the two is the following: Heat a teaspoon of honey till warm and combine it with cinnamon. Eat a spoonful daily until symptoms have lessened.
  5. Ant Deterrent:  If you have an ant problem in your house or outside, this trick is or you! Simply, sprinkle cinnamon where the ants tend to enter or hang out. The scent will keep the intruders away and it’s an all natural alternative to common bug and ant traps.

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