5 Different Ways To Use Clear Nail Polish

5 Different Ways To Use Clear Nail Polish


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5 Different Ways To Use Clear Nail Polish

After awhile of collecting items such as nail polish can start to add up and take up space! So, the next step is to find a use for those leftover nail polishes right?  Well, clear nail polish is one item that can be used in many different ways not just on your nails, but around the house as well! Check out the list below for 5 different uses for clear nail polish:

  1. Labels: Have you ever written a label only to have it smudge because it didn’t have enough time to dry? Clear nail polish is the perfect fix for this problem! Simply write out your label in the ink of your choice and let it dry. Once dry, apply clear nail polish to the lettering and your labels will become smudge proof!
  2. Envelopes: If you are not a fan of licking envelopes to seal them, this life hack is for you! Instead of using your tongue or glue to close envelopes, try using clear nail polish! It works the same as glue would, but you will need much less overall and it makes the perfect seal for your mail.
  3. Tights Saver: If you have a run in your tights or stocking, try using clear nail polish to stop it before it gets worse! Simply, apply a dab of clear nail polish and let it dry. The hole or run won’t get any bigger and allow you to save your favorite tights!
  4. Loose Screw: When you are trying to put a screw in the wall, coat it in clear nail polish before starting to drill.  This will not only help the screw stay in better it will also help it become more durable when you hang items on it.
  5. Jewelry Coat: If you have any costume jewelry that has started to wear or show green markings, try this trick! Brush the jewelry lightly with clear nail polish to prevent further tarnishing and to help the jewelry last longer.


  1. Be careful putting nail polish on jewelry. Your skin is your largest organ, and it will absorb the nail polish (chemical) if it comes in contact with your skin. I did this with a watch, and my skin smelled of nail polish for days, and it also broke me out… Would be ok with true “costume jewelry” that’s only worn for quick photo shoots, etc… but just wanted to add that tip incase people took it to extremes with all jewelry.

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