5 Easy To Make Pre Workout Snacks to BOOST YOUR ENERGY

5 Easy To Make Pre Workout Snacks


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5 Easy To Make Pre Workout Snacks

There is nothing more important when getting healthy, to eat the right foods at the right time. For example, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your work out or exercise for the day, you want to make sure you are eating the right food beforehand. Having the right snack before exercising can really make all the difference as you may find you can work out for longer, you don’t tire as easily and you feel good at the end instead of feeling light headed or worn out. Check out the list below for 5 easy to make pre workout snacks that will keep you going:

  1. Fruit & Peanut Butter: This is the perfect on the go snack, before you start a work out. Simply, slather peanut butter on half of an apple or on a full peeled banana. The peanut butter will give you a boost of protein and provide you with extra energy.
  2. Protein Shake: Create you’re a high energy, yummy workout shake by adding fruit, protein powder, nuts/seeds, yogurt etc.  This will is the perfect way to get in as much nutrients as possible and will fill you up pre workout without feeling too full.
  3. Yogurt: Whether you like your yogurt with fruit on top or maybe even with a healthy scoop of granola, yogurt makes a great pre workout snack. It’s completely customize to your flavor preference and it won’t leave you feeling hungry if you pack it with high protein items. Try using greek yogurt for even better results.
  4. DIY Trail Mix: If you are in a pinch and need a quick snack to go, try making your own DIY trail mix before you start your day. You can add any ingredient you like such as: dried fruit, chia seeds, nuts, raisins etc. It makes for the perfect pre work out snack and is great if your short on time.
  5. Eggs & Toast:  For a more savory, hearty snack try hard boiled eggs and toast. Simply boil some eggs earlier in the day and slice them before your workout. Layer the eggs on a peiece of toast for a filling snack that will keep you full and satisfied through your next workout.

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