5 Fun, Frugal Fall Date Night Ideas

5 Fun, Frugal Fall Date Night Ideas


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5 Fun, Frugal Fall Date Night Ideas

As the leaves continue to fall and the temperatures drop little by little, date nights can become less creative due to weather. But just because the fall weather and winter like temperatures start creeping in, that doesn’t mean date night needs to come to an end. There are a ton of ways to have a romantic date night in the fall season and it won’t cost too much to have a memorable night. Check out the list below for 5 fun, frugal date night ideas:

  1. Pumpkin Patch: One of the great perks of fall is getting to visit the pumpkin patch.  Throw on some cozy clothes, good shoes for getting muddy and head off to your local pumpkin patch. You can create a night out of it by searching through the fields for the perfect pumpkin. Most times these patches have trail walks, corn mazes and fun seasonal treats! Make sure to explore your area and find the perfect patch for date night.
  2. Fall Baking: If you’re looking for a night in, why not plan a baking night with your other half? Spend time looking up fall recipes and go shopping together for the ingredients. Plan a night full of baking, taste tasting and finish the evening with your favorite scary movie!
  3. Chilly Picnic: If it’s not too cold yet, why not bundle up and go out for a fall picnic with your other half. Bring blankets, soup and hot chocolate to really warm up. Bring a few board games or your favorite playlist to really make an evening out of it!
  4. Play In The Leaves: If your neighborhood is covered in leaves, why not take advantage of the beautiful scene? Either take a walk or a drive to the place with the most leaves and have some fun!  Bring the camera to create fun, fall memories you won’t forget.
  5. Fort & Movie Night: If you really want to embrace your inner child, why not build a fort and have movie night? You can grab your favorite scary movies, a few sheets and some chairs to create the perfect movie watching home base. Bring in your favorite snacks and cuddle up under the fort for the perfect date night.

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