5 New Ways To Use Old Towels

5 New Ways To Use Old Towels


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5 New Ways To Use Old Towels

Older towels that have seen better days usually end up in the trash or as a drop cloth when painting the house. But is it possible that these old towels have some other practical uses still? Absolutely! Old towels can be used a ton of different ways and you might be surprised just how creative you get with them! So gather up your old bath or hand towels and try out these new 5 ways to use old towels:

  1. Picnic Pal:  If your short a blanket for your next picnic or beach outing, try this great idea! Simply, gather up your favorite towels that don’t get used anymore and sew them together. You can make the perfect blanket as big or as small as you like. The best part is you can customize it to look exactly how you want!
  2. Baby Bib: Why spend the extra money on bibs when you have the materials on hand! Simply, use an existing bib as a template and cut the same shape out of the towel. Hem the edges to avoid fraying and add a cute neck tie to finish it off!
  3. Moving Supplies: When your moving the most important thing is to keep your fragile items safe. Older towels are perfect for the job! Wrap small valuables with hand towels, use older wash cloths as plate dividers and use large bath towels for bulky, over sized breakables.
  4. Beach Tote: If your sewing skills are decent, why not try making a beach tote? There are a ton of DIY options when making a tote for the beach and you can even make a tote that turns into a beach towel with a pillow.
  5. Mop: If you are looking for an easy DIY project using old towels, try making your own DIY mop head. Simply, shred your towel into long strips and secure them together in the middle with a string or zip tie. Attach your mop head to the end of a broom handle and you’ll have a shiny, clean floor in no time!

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