5 Tips to Help you Eat Less and Lose Weight!

Tricks To Avoid Overeating  

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Tricks To Avoid Overeating 

Overeating can be easy to do. It might be that chocolaty dessert at the end of the night that you couldn’t resist or maybe an over sized pasta dish that was too delicious to turn down. Either way, it happens to all of us, but overeating can be avoided. There are a few simple tricks and methods to avoid eating too much, without depriving you of what you really love to eat and drink. Check out these tricks below to avoid over eating:

  1. When it comes to drinks, taking smaller sips goes a long way. Research has proven if you take smaller sips you will consume less, where as if you take big sips you lose track of how much you have had to drink.
  2. Choosing a different colored plate then your food can actually help you eat less. So the theory is if you are eating something like potatoes, avoid a white plate. This will help with portion control and help you take less when you fill up your plate.
  3. Plate size also plays a big role in over eating as well as color. Always choose a smaller plate when you have the option, this will trick you into thinking you’re eating more than you really are and it will lower how much food you actually eat!
  4. Dimming the lights and putting on music isn’t just for the romantics anymore. By doing those two things you will potentially eat less food and consume less calories.
  5. Drink a full glass of water prior to eating every meal. This will help fill you up your stomach beforehand and help you eat less overall. Also, it is a great way to make sure your getting enough water intake during the day.


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