5 Tips To Make Dish Washing Easier

5 Tips To Make Dish Washing Easier


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5 Tips To Make Dish Washing Easier:

Whether it’s because you have fragile dishes that are hand wash only or maybe you don’t have a dishwasher at all, hand washing has probably become a common occurrence in your household. However, the actually process itself can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult when you are dealing with stuck on foods. Either way, anything to make it easier would help right? Well check out these 5 tips for making dish washing a little bit quicker and a whole lot easier:

  1. Pots & Pans: Before you start washing your dishes, soak any pots and pans with stuck on food first. Fill them up with a little dish soap and hot water and let them sit while you wash all the other dishes.
  2. Save Water: To keep your dish water cleaner for a longer period of time, work from the cleanest dish to the dirtiest dish. This will allow you to dump your dish water less.
  3. Burnt Food: Accidentally burnt your dinner on to one of your pans? Not to worry! Just add an equal mixture baking soda and vinegar and scrub off the burnt food!
  4. Soap It Up: A good way to make sure your not using too much soap is to pour a tablespoon of your soap into a bowl and add one cup of water. Then as you go dip your sponge in the bowl as you need it. This will help you conserve how much soap you use and cut down the time of rinsing.
  5. Order: When dish washing follow this order:  Glasses first, then cutlery, then plates, then pots and pans and finally any cast iron objects. By using this order, the glasses don’t get greasy and the cutlery will get extra clean and you will save some serious time on the bigger dishes.

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