5 Unique Uses For Lip Balm

5 Unique Uses For Lip Balm

five unique uses for lip balm

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5 Unique Uses For Lip Balm

Lip balm is awesome for the obvious reason, to keep your lips moisturized and looking great. But did you know it has other household & beauty uses? The best part is that lip balm can pretty much come with you wherever you go because of it size and it doesn’t take much to throw one in your bag or pocket when you’re heading out the door! Check out these 5 great and unique uses for lip balm:

  1. For Your Nose:  Lip balm is a great thing to have on hand when you need to soothe the dry skin surrounding your nose. I know when I get a cold the area around my nose is the first thing to get rough and dry. Just apply a little balm on your nostrils and your skin will thank you! Make sure you write a N on the tube  so you won’t get it mixed up with the one you use for your lips.
  2. Blister Prevention: Rubbing some lip balm on the back of each heel before you slip into those new shoes can stop blisters before they start.
  3. Remove A Stuck Ring: Butter, moisturizer, and oil can be a great way to get off a ring, but did you know you could use lip balm to remove that stubborn ring? I’m sure most of us have all been there when trying on a ring and it gets stuck!  Use a little lip balm around the ring and on your finger to have the ring slide off effortlessly.
  4. Track Grease:  Whether it’s the sticky track on your medicine cabinet  or your bedroom window that just won’t slide, lip balm comes to the rescue!  Use the balm to grease any tracks in your house that are having a hard time sliding, before you know it they will be good as new! 
  5. Hammer & Nail Help: Ever had a nail or screw that was reluctant to go into the wall? Lip balm can act as a lubricate when you are doing some work around the house. Simply apply some balm to your nail or screw before drilling and it should go into the wall without much force.

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