5 Uses For Baby Oil

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5 Uses For Baby Oil


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5 Uses For Baby Oil

When you think of using baby oil what comes to mind? Most likely your mind would go right to babies! Surprisingly, this oil has a ton of uses outside the nursery as it can be used around the house, on jewelry or on skin! It is a versatile product that might save you in a pinch! Check out the list below for 5 uses for baby oil:

  1. Paint Remover: Managed to get more paint on yourself then the walls? Baby oil is here to help! Use baby oil to remove paint from almost anywhere on the body and skin. It won’t be hard on your skin and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  2. Make Up Remover: It has been said that baby oil can assist in removing any dark or heavy make up. Use a small amount of baby oil on a soft face cloth and remove make up without having to scrub it off! Make sure to avoid direct contact with eyes.
  3. Massage Oil: If you are planning a spa night or looking to relax at home, try baby oil instead of massage oil! It will soften skin and won’t leave you feeling greasy after a relaxing rub down.
  4. DIY Aftershave: Baby oil and moisturizer makes for a great alternative to aftershave.  After you have completed shaving, use a light moisture on the newly shaven skin. Once it has been rubbed in, apply baby oil to the same area. This mix works as a great aftershave and will keep your skin super soft for the whole day.
  5. Untangle: Do you ever find your necklaces have tangled into un-doable knots?  Baby oil makes for a great solution to this problem. Simply, dip the knot into a small bowl of baby oil or apply the oil directly to the chain. The oil will loosen the knot and allow you to easily straighten things out.
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  1. CLK says

    This one is sad, but true… I was housesitting and answered the phone while putting on some of that 8+ hour lipstick. Somehow, I absent-mindedly touched the wand to the white wall and left a huge cranberry colored stain. Thankfully, baby oil did the trick in removing it without damaging the paint.

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