5 Ways To Chop Onions Tear Free

5 Ways To Chop Onions Tear Free


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5 Ways To Chop Onions Tear Free

What is the one job you find yourself avoiding when it comes to dinner prep? Does it happen to be chopping onions? Most of us avoid it because cutting up onions lead to teary and stinging eyes and most times you have to walk away to relieve the pain! However, from now on you may not run away from the job as we have 5 ways to chop onions and it will keep you tear and pain free! Check out those ways below and get chopping:

  1. Chew Gum: Funny enough one of the best way to avoid teary eyes while chopping onions  is to chew a piece of gum. So make sure to have a pack on hand when dinner preparation begins and start chewing just before slicing!
  2. Sharp Knife: While using a sharp knife won’t solely prevent onion tears, it will prevent the onions from releasing as many enzymes. Those enzymes are exactly what is responsible for your tears, so remember always sharpen your tools before you get started!
  3. Ventilation: One really important trick to remember when you go to chop onions, is to make sure you are working directly under a vent.  The vent will suck up the gasses that are released when an onion is chopped and will prevent you from tearing up.
  4. Freeze It: If you are thinking ahead and want to beat the pain of chopping onions,try this! Simply, freeze any onions you will be using for about 15 minutes prior to chopping. The freezing process will take all the pain and trouble out of chopping onions and you will be tear free.
  5. Running Water: Next time you chop onions try cutting the onions under running water. The water will decrease the gasses that are released and will let you cut onions in peace!

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