6 Uses For Mayonnaise

6 Uses For Mayonnaise


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6 Uses For Mayonnaise

When you think of mayonnaise your mind might go right to food! Mayonnaise is the perfect food partner for items such as sandwiches or dips, but have you consider using it around the house? Surprisingly, mayonnaise is a great item to use in a pinch and it can get you out of some tough messes! Check out the list below for 6 uses for mayonnaise:

  1. Gum Removal:  A tried and true trick for removing gum from hair is mayonnaise! Simply apply the mayo directly to the gum and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it has soaked in, pull downwards on the gum and it should slide right out! This also works for tree sap.
  2. Crayon Saver: If your little artist in the house got carried away and colored on the wall, there is a solution! Take a small amount of  mayonnaise and apply it to the crayon marks on the wall. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes (depending on the amount it may need longer) and then give the wall a good clean.
  3. Stuck Rings: I’m sure we have all been there, you put a ring on your finger only to find it won’t come off. If a stuck ring is your problem, simply rub some mayonnaise around the ring and it should slip right off!
  4. Sunburn Relief: If you find your skin has burnt while spending the day in the sun, don’t fear! Mayonnaise is a good alternative to aloe vera if you find yourself without. Rub mayonnaise on the burn to soothe the sting and reduce redness.
  5. Remove Bumper Stickers: There is nothing worst then trying to pull off a bumper sticker, only to find it didn’t completely come off. Use mayonnaise to remove these stickers easier and faster! Cover the sticker in mayonnaise and let it sit for a few minutes. Once it has sat, wipe with a warm water cloth to remove it completely!
  6. House Plants: Are your faux house plants looking dustier then normal? Well, if you really want to make the leaves shine try this trick! Give the plant and leaves a good dusting and then use a small amount of mayo on a soft cloth and shine the leaves. This will give the plant a new shine and look great!


  1. Do not use on plant leaves! It suffocates the leaf and the plant can die. Unfortunately,
    I learned by experience.

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