6 Ways To Fight Dry Hair

6 Ways To Fight Dry Hair

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6 Ways To Fight Dry Hair

Let’s admit it: Winter is cold and hard enough as it is without fighting the battle against dry hair! Cold temperatures and wind can really do a number on your hair as the low temperatures will actually pull moisture from hair. So how do we fight against the effects of winter? Well, there are a few preventive measures we can take to keep hair looking smooth and silky. Check out the 6 ways below to fight dry hair:

  1. Wash Once Every Two: Washing our hair once every two days can really help fight dryness. By only washing once every second day, you will lock in healthy moisture and nutrients to keep your hair looking great!
  2. Warm, Not Hot: Another way to prevent dry hair is to turn down the shower water temperature. A super hot shower can strip the moisture from your hair and leave it feeling lifeless and dry. Try a warm shower instead to help hair retain moisture.
  3. Brush Less: It may sound strange to brush your hair less, but it does help when preventing dry hair. If your hair is already dry to begin with, excessive brushing can make it fall out at a faster rate! Make sure to be gentle when brushing hair and let hair dry before brushing through the strands. If you are brushing your hair while wet, try to use a wide tooth comb instead.
  4. Blow Drying: If you blow dry your hair on a regular basis, try this trick to avoid drying out your hair in the process! Blow dry on a low heat or a cool heat as the hot heat can damage hair easily and cause the strands to fray. Also, make sure to gently brush out hair when using heat to avoid damage.
  5.  Hair Breaks: It is important to remember to give your hair a break. Much like our skin, our hair needs a break from treatment and styling. Try to give your hair at least a one day break in between styling and salon treatments to avoid breakage and damage to your hair and scalp.
  6. Egg Treatment: It may sounds strange,but eggs can do wonders for dry hair! Wash damp hair with a few egg yolks , let sit for 2o minutes and rinse as normal. Once you have rinsed the egg out completely, shampoo hair as normal. The egg with restore moisture and leave you with a silky shine!

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