6 Ways To Use Potatoes

6 Ways To Use Potatoes


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6 Ways To Use Potatoes

When you think of using potatoes, I’m sure your mind goes right to the kitchen. This makes sense because potatoes can be so versatile and easy to make for dinner, lunch or even breakfast! But potatoes aren’t just  limited to the kitchen, they have a ton of practical uses as well. They can be used in arts and crafts, in our beauty routine and even around the house. Check out the list below for 6 ways to use potatoes:

  1. Stamps: Potatoes make great craft stamps! Simply slice the potato in half and carve your stamp design into the potato.  You can do anything from an intricate rose stamp to a simply letter shape.  Use a stamp pad and the potato and stamp freely.
  2. Vodka: That’s right, you can make vodka out of potatoes! The process is lengthy as you need to play around with different ingredients to make the mixture, but the results are great! You also can cut costs on buying store bought vodka, by creating your own custom blend.
  3. Reduce Puffiness: Do you find that your under eyes are puffy and dark when you wake up? A simple fix for this problem is potato! Apply a raw slice of potato under each eye for 10-15 minutes. The potato will cool and reduce the puffiness around your eyes and leave you looking fresh!
  4. Light Help: If you have a broken light bulb in a light socket and can’t get it out safely, try using a potato.  Cut the potato in half and screw it into the broken light bulb piece. Slowly start turning until the remaining pieces start to loosen and remove it completely.
  5. Itchy Skin: In a pinch a potato can be used to cure itchy patches of skin. Cut the potato in half and salt it lightly. Slowly rub the half of the salted potato on any itchy or irritated patches of skin. This will reduce the itch substantial.
  6. Polish: Last but not least, potato’s can be used for shoe shining! Peel a full potato and rub on your shoes in a polishing, circular motion. You’ll be shocked at how great your shoes look!


  1. Hi, you can also cut a potato and put it on a burn. Keep it on the burn until the pain disappears. It really works.

  2. You could also eat the potatoes.

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