6 Ways To Use Wine Corks

6 Ways To Use Wine Corks


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6 Ways To Use Wine Corks

Do you love to have a glass of wine at the end of a long day? Most of us do, but do you ever think about saving the cork? Wine corks actually have some pretty great, practical uses and it doesn’t take long to collect them. Once you start collecting corks you can use them in the kitchen, in DIY projects and even around the office! Check out the list below for 6 ways to use wine corks:

  1. Spout: If you need a spout for a fast pouring bottle, try using a wine cork! Simply, cut a small slit out of your cork leaving just enough room for liquid to come out. Fit the cork the bottle and you’ll have full control on how much your pouring at once!
  2. Card Holder: If you want to make a cute and easy card holder, try this quick DIY project.  Simply choose your favorite wine cork and slice it halfway through. For more stability you can shave off a little on the bottom as well. Now you have a business card or place card holder to use in the office or at dinner!
  3. Doors & Furniture: Slice wine corks and attach them to the feet of your furniture to avoid scratching your wood floors when moving items around.
  4. Cupboard Slam: To avoid the dreaded slam of cupboard doors, use wine corks! Similar to above, slice your corks into small rounds and attach them to the inside of your cupboard door. This will prevent them from slamming and won’t cost you anything to create.
  5. Garden Mulch: For easy DIY garden mulch use old wine corks and your food processor! Simply grind up the corks with your processor and spread the corks around your garden beds. This will help the beds retain moisture and grow strong!
  6. Vase Filler:  If you are looking for ways to decorate with wine corks, try using them as vase fillers. Whether you are using them in the bottom of a cut flower arrangement for height or using them to fill decorational jars up, they look so great and it won’t cost a thing!

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