7 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy

7 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy


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7 Foods That Will Boost Your Energy

It can be a hard feat trying to keep your energy up on a daily basis. But it can be done and it won’t mean drinking 8 cups of coffee or chugging back cans of Coca Cola. You can boost your overall energy by including certain food items in your diet on a regular basis.  It won’t be too much of an inconvenience to include these items and your body will thank you! Check out the list below for 7 foods that will boost your energy:

  1. Nuts: Not only are nuts a great way to get in extra protein, they are energy boosting as well! Next time your feeling tired, try grabbing a hand full of almonds for your next snack. Not only will you feel full for longer, you’ll get a little extra push to get through a long day.
  2. Fruit: Fruit is a great way to naturally boost your energy and eat healthy at the same time. Try items such as: oranges, berries or even an apple for an extra pick me up during the day!
  3. Water: While it isn’t a food, water plays an important part in our energy production. The more water you can get in on a daily basis, the better! Keeping yourself hydrated and refreshed all day will keep your energy up and keep you going all day long.
  4. Dark Chocolate: That’s right, dark chocolate is a great energy booster when you are feeling tired! Make sure you are eating at least 70% dark chocolate to get the most out of it. The chocolate provides extra magnesium and iron to keep your energy going.
  5. Eggs: The best brain food and energy booster in the morning is eggs. Not only will you get a healthy dose of b vitamins, you’ll start the day off on an energy boosting foot!
  6. Greek Yogurt: Not only is greek yogurt a great source of probotics, it also can help boost energy! It does this by building up your immune system and in turn bringing up your energy levels.
  7. Ginger Tea: If you need a healthy replacement for caffeine, ginger tea is the way to go! It is filled with great antioxidants that work at building your energy without the effects of caffeine.  Try fresh ginger for the best results.

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