7 Uses For Microfiber Cloths

7 Uses For Microfiber Cloths  


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7 Uses For Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are something that have been looked over in the past when it comes to cleaning. But the truth is, they have so many uses inside and outside the house. Having these cloths on hand will not only cut cleaning time in half, they can save you some serious money! So check out the 7 uses below for microfiber cloths and start cleaning!

  1.  Polishing: You can polish pretty much anything including stainless steel, glass, small appliances, jewelry and much more!
  2. Paper Towel: If you are looking for a paper towel replacement, look no further! These clothes are so multi functional that you can use them for every spill or mess you can think of.
  3. Windows: Next time your windows are looking a little grimy, tackle them with a microfiber cloth and some Windex (store-bought or homemade). You’ll be amazed how streak free and clear the windows come out! Don’t forget about mirrors either.
  4. Swiffer: One awesome money saving use is to use these cloths in place of Swiffer dry refills. Simply attach the cloth to the swiffer as normal and clean the floors. You might even find this replacement more effective!
  5. Dusting: No longer do you need to buy special dusting products or feather dusters. These cloths are perfect for all dusting around the house, especially in hard to reach spots.
  6. Screen Cleaner: For cleaning your electronic items such as TV or computer screens these are perfect. Take a barely damp cloth and wipe off all fingerprints and marks.
  7. Granite: Granite can be a tough surface to clean and you have to be careful about what products you use on it. This is where microfiber cloths save the day! Simply use a damp cloth to wash the counters and follow up with a dry one to polish them till they shine!

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