7 Ways To Use Boxed Jello

7 Ways To Use Boxed Jello


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7 Ways To Use Boxed Jello

Jell-o is a great, versatile product that can be used in many different recipes and formats! An added bonus to using boxed Jell-o, is it doesn’t cost much in store and most times can be found on sale.  If you get the chance, stock up on boxed Jell-o to make different desserts such as popsicles, cookies or even use it as a fruit enhancer. Check out the list below for 7 ways to use boxed Jell-o:

  1. Sour Grapes: *See my recipe hereTo give your green grapes a sour twist, try this easy idea! Simply, sprinkle lime Jell-o powder over green grapes and let them cool in the fridge overnight. In the morning you will have tasty, candy like grapes!
  2. Popsicles:  For a tasty, cool summer treat make up some Jell-o popsicles. Combine sugar and Jell-o in boiling water and mix together. Once mixed and cooled, pour the mixture into the ice pop molds with crushed ice and freeze them for a frozen treat.
  3. DIY Marshmallows: If you are feeling extra creative and want to take on a food DIY project, this is perfect for you! You can use Jell-o to create custom colored, shaped marshmallows. These would be perfect for your next party or camp out!
  4. Jell-o Play-Doh: Rather then buying store bought Play-Doh, why not make your own? It only takes a few simple ingredients and before you know it, you’ll have a safe colorful dough for the whole family made from Jell-o!
  5. Paint: It’s true! You can make a fun finger paint with Jell-o and water! Simply, portion out your Jell-o in different containers, while boiling a pot of water. Once water is boiling, slowly pour water into the containers and mix. Once the mix has cooled and formed a paste consistency, it’s time to get creative and paint!
  6. DIY Lip Gloss: If you need lip gloss in a flash, why not create the perfect shade at home? With petroleum jelly, the microwave and Jell-o you can make homemade lip gloss. The best part is you can customize it completely by mixing until you get the perfect color.
  7. Colored Cookies: Last but not least, use boxed Jell-o to make colorful cookies! Use your favorite Jell-o flavor to get the color and taste that you really love! Make sure to finish off the cookies with a sprinkle of jello on top to give it a sparkly finish.


  1. LOVE the sour grapes idea.
    I use jello on fresh pineapple.
    I use a pineapple cutter … it cores it & cuts off the outside. (Pampered Chef). Then i slice the pineapple in bite size pieces.
    i sprinkle sugar free jello (i have used regular as well) whatever flavor you want ( i LOVE raspberry myself). Refrigerate an hour & serve. DELICIOUS!!! I never liked pineapple till i tried this & i cannot get enough!!!!!!!!!!!

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