8 Ways To Beat The Common Cold and Flu

8 Ways To Beat The Common Cold & Flu


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8 Ways To Beat The Common Cold & Flu

It’s that not so wonderful time of year again. Noses start sniffling, throats start getting sore and fatigue starts to set in.  The common cold and flu can be a difficult thing to shake, especially if it’s not taken care of early. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get healthy and back to normal! Check out the 8 tips below on for ways to beat the common cold and flu:

  1. Eat Yogurt: One amazing cold and flu fighting food is yogurt! Eating yogurt will not only help you feel better faster it will also boost your immune system. So make sure to have at least a cup  per day while sick.
  2. Rest: It is so vital to rest when you are feeling sick. Make sure to find somewhere comfortable to lay back and relax and nap when possible. The rest will help your body rebuild and fight back.
  3. Drink Fluids: It seems like an easy thing to remember, but when you get sick you may forget to drink! Water is going to be the best choice when your down and out but getting any fluids in will help. Herbal tea is another great way to get fluids in and it will help clear up congestion in your throat and nose.
  4. Blow Your Nose: Blowing your nose is vital when it comes to recovery. If you don’t get out the mucus that is clouding up your sinuses you could potentially get worse! Make sure to have Kleenex near by at all times. Also, if you find you can’t sleep while congested, try elevating your head at night to get a better sleep.
  5. Steam Showers: A great way to get the bad bugs out is to take a steam shower. Simply, turn the water on as hot as it is comfortable and let the steam fill up the room. The steam will help relieve pressure in your chest and also will help in clearing your nose and throat.
  6. Chicken Soup: Chicken soup for a cold or flu really does work! There are so many benefits to consuming chicken soup while sick as the chicken will boost your energy, the steam from the soup with help sinuses and the soup base will act as an anti inflammatory for your body!
  7. Wash Your Hands: Although it may not help you feel better right away, washing your hands regularly can stop the spread of germs. Also, make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. If needed use the top of your hand or knuckles to rub your eyes to avoud spreading germs in and near your eyes.
  8. Raw Garlic: It might sound crazy but raw garlic really works for beating a cold or flu, as it is packed with flu fighting properties.An easy way to get it down is to crush two cloves onto a cracker or a soft piece of bread and eat it up! It might not be the most desirable but it has been shown to help beat sickness faster.

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