8 Ways To Use A Bar Of Soap

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8 Ways To Use A Bar Of Soap


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8 Ways To Use A Bar Of Soap

When you think of using a bar of soap usually the first thing your mind goes to is bathing right? Well, surprisingly these small bars have a ton of other uses that can help around the house and outside in the garden. Using a bar of soap in other situations outside of the shower can save you some serious money and time aswell! Check out the list below for 8 ways to use a bar of soap:

  1. Pest Repellent:  Simply, leave a bar of soap or grate a bar of soap over areas in your garden where pests are the worst. The soap will keep them away!
  2. Stuck Ring: Ever tried on a ring only to find it stuck when trying to take it off? A bar of soap is the perfect tool to help you out in this situation.  Rub the bar of soap around the ring and in between fingers and the ring will loosen right away.
  3. Door Grease: If you have a door or sliding door that is quite sticky, try a bar of soap! Rub the soap along the track or the side of the door to eliminate sticking.
  4. Bite Relief: There is nothing worse than being bitten by a bug that leaves you with an itchy bite. Use a bar of slightly damp soap and rub it over the bite. With a few coats, the bite will be less itchy and annoying
  5. DIY Body Wash: You can make your own body wash from a bar of soap and a few other household ingredients. Not only will this save you money, it’s a great way to use up any extra bars of soap you may have lying around.
  6. Stain Treatment: Use a bar for the pre treatment of stains on any clothing or linens that are heading into the washing machine. The soap will help remove stains before heading into the wash. 
  7. Deodorize: A bar of soap works as a perfect deodorizer almost anywhere. Simply, wrap the soap in a mesh bag and place anywhere that needs a fresher smell such as shoes, drawers or even the car!
  8. Stuck Zipper: A stuck zipper can be a real pain and can really ruin a piece of clothing. Use a bar of soap and run it along the zipper track to loosen the sticky zipper and restore your jacket or item of clothing.
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