All About me . . . Sarah . . .

sarahHi there! My name is Sarah and I’m a stay at home Mom to 2 little boys and 2 amazing little girl! I have a wonderful husband who works hard every day to provide for us. We have 3 Great Danes, 2 cats, & my son has 2 rats…oh, & Sushi, our pet beta fish! You can’t believe the chaos in our home, but that’s what makes it exciting!

Since I’m a Stay at home Mom, I work hard to keep up with deals and coupons. With only my husband working, I needed to find a way to make the most of the money he earns (especially after baby #2 came and then on to baby number 4!). That’s where my money saving journey began. After learning on my own how to truly stretch a buck, I created this site, which also keeps me in check with deals! I love to help others keep up financially with raising and supporting their families.

My husband is very supportive of my coupon addiction…let’s face it, he loves for me to get shopping out of my system while saving money…who knew that was possible?! I love to teach others because I remember when I first started using coupons how confused I was and just needed help! Since then, I have gained a lot of experience and feel the need to pay it forward and pass it on to others. I have been known to give out coupons to people in line when I see that they have an item in their cart that I have a coupon for. It makes their day and feels so good to make someone smile!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for posting all these great deal. I was really into couponing a while back but with moving and things getting so hectic I kind of got out of it. But your site is getting be back into it. I wish California doubled coupons…I could take advantage of way more of the great deals but I’m doing the best I can. Just wanted to say thanks for doing so much of the leg work.


    • Can u or anyone tell me how to become a “client”? I follow on fb n saw a giveaway but it has steps n one is to become a client. I can’t figure out where or how to…thx

  2. Thank you so much for all you do! I think you are great! You have definitely helped me save money in my retail therapy! πŸ™‚ I am a stay at home mom as well and my husband and I have 3 boys and a little girl. Β We have a crazy, wonderful life! This whole couponing thing is very new to me. And a little overwhelming. But I have already started saving a ton and can see how it could become very addicting! Lol Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience! Thanks also for giving us a peak into your life! You have a beautiful family!Β 

  3. Is that a picture of your panty stockpile?? If so, wooooo!! You rock my socks!! I’ve been a big freebie junkie, and love finding good deals… But I’m only a newbie to coupons. Love your tips here, and glad that I took a minute to read a little and find out who it is that is sharing all these awesome tips with me πŸ™‚ Thanks for all of your advice!!

  4. Thank you so much for this site. I just finished watching your video and reading couponing 101. We live off of 1 income also and have our first child so im glad you can relate and help us all out with stretching our dollars. Im looking forward to building my coupon binder!

  5. kim trojan says

    Your a rockstar and a lifesaver! Thank you for all the great tips and advice. We just started a coupon club at my daughters school. We are having a playdate tomorrow with the kids. They can play and us moms are going to coupon and watch your videos…..I was told that you can forward expired coupons to military families. Do you know about that? I think they are good for up to 6 months past expiration. I am going to have to do more research . Let me know if you have any info about that. I have an 8 month old who is teething and won’t sleep unless he is in my arms πŸ™‚ trying to type one handed. Have a blessed day and thanks again!!!!

  6. Hi Sarah… I am a big fan of yours and love your stockpile – ummm I was wondering if you could email me some tips on how to really start stocking because it seems very hard right now for me. Love the website have to say one of the best blogs and I would love to have some advice on how to be able to stock up. Also, i have found that some couponers send their coupons to other couponers, do you do that with other fellow couponing friends. I have been couponing for awhile now but I cant seem to figure out how to stock up or when to get a big deal. Would love your advice so send me an email when you can.

    Samantha (:

  7. Hello…love you Youtube videos!! an your hair and your stockpile!! okay now i sound like a…how do you keep your hair so healthy looking with color? πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Sarah! Love all your videos they are so helpful! I have been couponing for 2 months and have already saved over a thousand dollars! My stockpile is rapidly growing and its so exciting! I was wondering if you might could do a video on buying diapers! I usually get my diaper deals at Walgreens but I am wondering if I am missing some of the secrets or if maybe I could be doing something more to save on diapers! I havent seen anyone with a video about it yet!

  9. Stephanie says

    Hi Sarah! I just discovered your site today and I love it. I’m constantly on the hunt for new sites and I noticed that Collin over at Hip2Save gave you a “Thanks” for a deal that you posted. I’m really enjoying the info and I am striving to have a reasonable stockpile without becoming a hoarder! Thanks for the info and I will be checking your site daily. I plan on watching (really listening to…) your videos this afternoon while I’m at work. I love the fact that you guys are willing to share your knowledge. I feel like I’m in grad school for couponing! πŸ™‚

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much…and welcome! =) Hope you enjoy the videos and let me know if you have any questions.

  10. I absolutely LOVE seeing all the great deals you find! I just “liked” you on facebook last week and was not expecting so many posts that are actually worth looking at. Ive shared your page a few times already, which is not something I do often if I dont really like the site. I was wondering, what are your secrets on the diapers? I have a (fresh) one year old and he goes through diapers like crazy. I also have a 6 year old who needs pull ups at night. The only good coupons I ever find are only up to $2.00 off. Ive been trying to get into the coupons and trying to get the good deals but only sometimes do I actually end up getting good deals…Im not too great at it yet. lol. Thanks for taking all this time to post so many great things for all of us! πŸ™‚

    • Chrystal Emerson says

      What I got for diapers this week at walgreens:

      Huggies 2/$18 + $3 RR

      So what I did was used 2 of the 3/1 coupn here - (refresh your browser to print of two)
      Plus use the infant care coupon
      $2/1 Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes 184 or 216 ct. (5519) (you can get this book usuually at the pharmacy, but if they don’t have it you can usually give the cashier the code and get the coupon, the code is 5519)

      That makes it 2/$8 plus you $3 RR is like paying $2.50 each!

  11. Chrystal Emerson says

    I just have to say I love your site, I also am a stay at home mom, and a full time online student, so making a buck strech has become very important with only one income and 5 kids to support! It has been about a month since I started using coupons and I am getting a pretty nice stock pile with a budget of $50 a week for non food items. My husband also thinks it great I can shop like crazy for almost nothing! You site has really helped me, and I have been refering all of my friends that want to know “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?”. Thanks Sara for such a great site!

  12. Catherine Z says

    Sarah you are a beautiful person, inside and out. Let me just say I was all excited to start extreme couponing after watching a video I stumbled across on Then after afew days I was so overwhelmed I was afraid to go shopping for the first time! Then I found your youtube video and all the things you were saying were right in line with how I wanted to do it. The way you organized your binder, the categories, the time spent shopping. etc. and then I got quickly addicted to your site just waiting for your next hot item to post! I did finally make a quick trip to Walgreens using your advise and your shopping list idea.
    I came home with $74.61 in merchandise I really did need. spent $33.59 oop and have $6.00 in RR to spend next time. I really love it! My husband was so proud of me too.
    The more i read about you, the more I love you! You genuinely care about people and thats hard to find these days.
    Thank you for all your time you put into this so we can relax a bit and benefit from your expertise!
    Just wondering who does your website? Its fantastic!
    Cathy Z

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Hi Cathy!

      You are so sweet and your kind, meaningful words mean so much to me. I really appreciate you taking the time you say such nice things. I’m glad I am able to help you and so many others. I remember when I first started using coupons, I too was extremely confused… took some time for me to learn everything I know now and I try hard to make things easy to understand.

      Thank you, yes, I really do care about people and helping all of you save money. I have a passion for it because of letters like yours. It means the world to me that little ol’ Sarah can help so many people with such a huge aspect of life….MONEY!

      Anyway, thank you again. =)

      BTW – Heather at Moritz Fine Design did some as well as A Blog To Brag About….I think she changed her name though but she did most of the design work. I love both of them, they both do an AWESOME job!

  13. Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to let you know how much your website and videos are helping me. I’m a teacher in Las Vegas. My husband and I created a budget and have a plan to get out of debt (4 yrs. or 8 yrs. with house!) Anyhow, we realized our biggest expense was groceries and trips to Target and Walgreens. So, we started budgeting and watching what we bought. Then we watched Extreme Couponing and I was hooked. I saw this as a way for us to save money and get out of debt even faster.
    Learning how to coupon is a real skill. It’s thrilling, exciting, and SCARY. I was nervous when I first tried to use my $4 coupon on Gillete Fusion razor AND get the $5 rewards back. It worked and I was so proud! Know that your website and videos are really impacting people and making their financial lives better.

    Take care,

  14. I am wondering where you are located? My prices seem to be very different then yours?

  15. I am just starting, LOVE your site and how honest you are about all your tips.
    I just am wondering it seems that your purchasing 7 Newspapers a week?
    I am just trying to understand, so that is close to $70 a month in Newspaper Fees.

    Would you be able to explain this more to me? When you first started did you purchase 7, or did you financially wait?

    Thank you so much and God Bless

    Sincerely, Natalie ( Beach Mama of 3 and her own business)

  16. peggy marshall says

    i need help and advice on how to get my items for free. So far i’ve been saving kinda, I take the cash out when I check out of how much I saved, then I put that cash into my saving account. So far for june I will be putting $109.74 into savings. Monday I bought my husband a brand new set of golf clubs for $59.00. Yep just $59.00. Brand new Hagen clubs still in the box at a sporting goods store. I was really thrill with that purchase. Original cost was $399. Now im hooked on couponing to the max and want my items FREE!!! Help me find that way….. thank you….


  17. Thank you so so SO much, your website has brought my husband and I through some rough times. I got married just three months ago and am 18 years old, my husband is 19 yeas old and money is something we’re still learning about as a couple. My husband is very supportive of me and even comes shopping when he has off work. He still can’t believe some of the deals I get, but it’s all because of YOU. So, thanks again. <3

  18. Hi Sarah,
    The last few weeks I have been hearing many people around me talking about couponing and how it has saved them and even earned them money/rewards back. I always thought it was too time consuming to start up until a few days ago. A friend of mine took me to her neighbors house and she began explaining some coupon tips and hints to us. She then showed us her stockpile, her binder and receipts of what she had been able to spend and save. It was amazing how many items she was able to buy without going over $5 to $10 at some points. I was impressed so I decided to start researching it more so I could get started and be a little more prepared for what I was about to embark on. I looked at several blogs, websites and videos, but your website and blog has helped me out the most. Between the neighbor that helped and your website I am not nervous about getting started anymore. I am actually very excited about it. Thank you for all of the great advice you have given to me and many others, I have definitely taken it all in and will be starting next week.

  19. Hi,
    Was just referred to your site and just thought I’d ask if these apply to Canada as well, or is it just a matter of going through each coupon offer to find out.

  20. Hi Sarah!
    I love how you mention giving coupons to people in line. I do that often, usually elsewhere in the store. My sister and I call it being The Coupon Fairy! I have couponed for quite a while, but am new at using the blogs for info. I must say it’s helped so much to find what I need!

    I am also new at being married (just about 8 months now) and have trained my husband well. Whenever he is shopping without me he looks out for tear pads of coupons or blinkies. He was also the one that spotted the $0.99 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce that I had $1.00 coupons for when we were at Target the other day!
    We hope to have kids, and I am fully aware that my work hours will become drasticlly reduced, if not cut out completely, so I am trying to get used to spending less and getting more so we’ll be able to get by. Thanks so very much for all the help, even for a veteran couponer like me!
    <3 Darcie

  21. I am new to couponing. No stockpile yet…lol Can you tell me what area you are in? I am in the DFW area in Texas and I have had a hard time finding a coupon matching site for this area.

  22. Hey just wanted to let you know that in conjunction to the SUMMER25 promo code, there is another promo code worth $10 for MYHABITX
    I was able to snag a pair of awesome baby shoes for $10 to use for gift for my neice/nephew (don’t know yet) arriving later this year. I’ve already used my SUMMER25 code earlier this week.

  23. Sarah,
    I hope you have seen all the comments from those of us who think we won the 35 gift cards and didn’t get emails. I didn’t email you about it. Just checking. There seems to be mass confusion. Please respond back. We don’t want to lose our chance just not knowing what’s going on.
    Thanks so much. πŸ™‚
    Diane Goertzen

  24. Thank you very much for all the deals you post! I read your site everyday and I love that you are on Facebook. I have always couponed but never to the extent that I do now. I appreciate your wisdom and being willing to share. I too have given coupons to people in line and at first they think I am crazy,but most are thankful. I love that you pay it forward. If everyone would do that, the world would be a better place. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


  25. Good Morning Christy,

    I normally am not on the computer on Sunday’s, but I had a bit of extra time this morning so I thought I’d catch up on a few notes. First.. I’d love to feature you in my coupon blog reviews at On the contact form you’ll see the information that I need. Or feel free to just email me the information if you are interested.

    2nd.. I’d love to have you share this sweepstakes..

    It is for a $25.00 Cabela’s card offered by Railroad Insurance Group…. (not just for railroaders!)

    3rd.. I’d love to be included your link section- and on your giveaways. I just finished an awesome giveaway for 40 pounds of chicken – and am getting ready to do another sweepstakes this week!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Tracie aka Mrs Carrigan

  26. I just wanted to say i LOVE your site, i found it about a month ago and totally addicted, i check the site almost everyday and i get the emails. I love that you are younger like me, it shows that anyone can do it!

  27. Hi Sarah,

    I love you and your website!
    I live in Tracy, California and I need people in my area to help me. All the couponing sites are out of state and their coupon matching dosent match mine. Can you help me?

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  29. Deb Brushert says

    Went to Wags tonight because of your earlier post. Now I have things to add to our donation basket to our local Humane Shelter. Thanks for the post, and you are greatly appreciated!! Deb

  30. Hi, you’re amazing!!! I’m so glad your website exists. Thanks soo much!!

  31. Hi Sarah,

    I am 27 yrs old and have a one income family of 6! I have a 4yr old, 2yr old and our newest/ last addition is 1month old…I love your website, I tell everyone I know about it, I have your post on my facebook and my email, oh and I can pull it up on my driod. I am constantly asked about my binder and where I find my deals, I went shopping last Saturday(we have a Fred’s drugstore that doubles on Saturdays upto 0.70) I gave your web address to 15 people in like an hour!! Could you tell me where you find the coupons for amazon diapers, I have never bought from that site before, so I am trying to learn. Again love your site, and so does everyone I tell!!

    Ps: I ran into a lady last week, who got your website from me 2 or 3 weeks ago and she had the printable shopping list instead of a notebook. She was so excited about the info she got from it, that she has actually started sending me her coupons she doesn’t use, I pull the ones I need & send the rest to the military families.

    Thanks for all your help (hard work)!!

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    Free sample at:

  33. I saw on one of your videos you have a list of the tabs that should go in a coupon book. Where would I find those? thanks for all of your great ideas and tricks!

  34. Wanted to let you know that a recent link for sandals… is not working!

  35. Hi Sarah…How do you find the time to do all that you do with couponing with 2 young kids? I have a 2 yr old and a 10 month old and I am trying to start a website/blog and I have a local group and it is so hard with the two little ones to get anything done…HELP!!

  36. contact me

  37. What add 9/11 SS are some of the
    coupons listed today from????? My 9/11 smart source has none of them.

  38. Hi Sarah! Didn’t see this listed so I wanted to let you know about a deal this week at Kmart. I live in Atlanta, GA and in this past Sunday’s ad they had Hasbro game coupons. It says that if you use these coupons between 9/11-9/18 Kmart will double the coupons. These are some high value coupons! You can get Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, and Cooties for $2.99! If certain areas did not have these coupons you can go to and print them out!

  39. I see that you are giving away a Scentsy deal with the consultant being a reader of yours. My sister and I have started a letter photography business and would love to do a give-away on your site. We take all of the pictures ourselves. We offer every letter of the alphabet, along with 2 different stars and a heart. These pictures are so much fun for creating a unique gift for someone special (or just for yourself)! We love what we do and would love to share it with someone who has not seen our work before.

  40. Hey! thank you for all that you do! I have a question. I am wanting to price match shave gel at Walmart, from the rite aid ad. Do walmart have a limit on the number of the same items that can be priced matched in the same transaction? I am wanting to price match the same item nine times, is that possible?

  41. I’ve seen a few people are using the Case It binders for their coupons. However, I was looking into ordering one from Amazon that I’d really really like, but seems as thought almost all the Case It binders are getting HORRIBLE reviews? Have you ran into any issues with these, or heard of Case It being horrible binders…most of the comment are tied in with the zippers and the “cheap fabric”. I’m looking for any help with this, for I really need to make a upgrade for my coupons but I’d hate so spend money and have it bust after a short period. Any help would help?!? Thanks!

  42. I was reading your post regarding the wedding dress giveaway. Can i add a hair accessory. I will pay for both supplies and shipping. Please email me if interested. I can show you a few things i have posted on etsy.

  43. Hi there! Thank you so much for all the great deals you bring us! I have been on the hunt for the All You Smart Shopper edition of their magazine that a $1 coupon came out for & haven’t been able to find it in either of our Walmarts. Do you know if that issue is out already? I have asked at both stores with no luck, and noticed that the coupon expires Nov. 11th.

  44. HI! I was wondering from what region you do your deals from, I’m from south OC and its been really hard finding sites and blogs from my area, so most of the time all the prices are different from mine, but I heard from a friend that you might be using the same regional price, just wanted to verify.

  45. Hi Sarah

    I love how you have a section where we can post pictures of awesome shopping trips. I saw on another coupon site that they do something similar but she was a drawing once a month i think it is for everyone who submits pic. Just another idea of something fun πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a wonderful day. thanks for all the tips!!!

  46. vanessa campbell says

    changing my email address

  47. I wanted to see how I could get your book “how to use coupons” thank you, Cheri

  48. hey. my husband and i just had our first baby and he is in the military and i am a stay at home mom. weve just started trying to coupon but i dont feel like we’re doing it right. i am having a hard time finding coupons for healthier foods. we have a wal mart, publix and winn dixie near our house, which one do you think would be the better one to shop at.
    i need advice on matching coupons with sales and stacking coupons. also, i live in fl and the stores here dont double coupons, any advice on how to get the best deals when i cant get doubled coupons?

    any advice and little tips you have would really help us.

  49. I’m curious; do you feel guilty borrowing other people’s posts?

  50. Hi there! Where can you find the Target Black Friday add on your website? I remember it popped up a few weeks ago, but I’m unsure how to search for old things on your website. Thanks!

  51. Lisa Burwell says

    You had a deal on cute sunglasses in white, and I must have deleted your email. What was the online store again? Those were so cute. Thanks, Lisa.

  52. Not sure how else to ask you a question. Do you suspect there will be any deals on Keruig coffee makers or Wii’s before Christmas? Can you email me. Thanks.


  54. How do I delete this program?

  55. Make more youtube video’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  57. $1.50 for Old Spice Body Wash………. Our local grocery store has the Old Spice body wash 2/$7….. I have lots of $2 Off of One Old Spice body wash

  58. Hi Sarah,
    Love your website!!!
    Just wondering but I don’t have a CVS where I live. What do you think would be the next best store to find deals like CVS has?
    Thank You,

  59. We are having a silent auction to benefit families of children with Type 1 diabetes. Would you have any items that you would be willing to donate to the silent auction? We are having a fundraising event in Orlando at the Marriot. The organization is Diabetes Scholars Foundation.

  60. Hi. I was wondering about a deal for a nabisco coupon from SS. I don’t know which date it’s from but it says new year, new you so I think it’s the 1/1 SS. Anyways, it’s a nabisco coupon for $3 off 3 teddy Grahams, honey maid, and 6 other nabisco products. It doesn’t say a size for the products, so do you think those would work for the little to go containers? I saw them at target today for 1.04 each, and sometimes see them for a dollar. Please let me know what you think.

  61. Hi. Can you please help me find a retail store register & a price gun at a great price. Thank you in advance.

  62. Hi Sarah,

    I was wondering if you are currently running or will be running any sort of deal/special on your coupon binders? I REALLY want and NEED to get my coupons organized and LOVE the one you offer, but $40 dollars is just a little steep for my budget. So I didn’t know if you might be offering something for the new year or for any holidays coming up that I could look forward to.

  63. I was just wondering how long you keep each insert before you throw it out, like 2-3 months?

  64. Cathy Humphreys says

    Hi Sarah….I am a newborn at this, but today I finally stepped out of the box and tried the many tips you gave us this week. Let me tell you..the cashier (Debbie) at CVS was wonderful! She was very patient and helped me ring up purchases to get the ECB’s and free merchandise! I even called the store, to thank the cashier, after returning home and counted up my savings! $146.83 for only $54.65 (bought a few extra items too! On the other hand I really flopped at Walgreens and lost over $25.00 RR’s due to not separating my purchases…..hard lesson learned. Thanks for all your tips….let’s see maybe Target’s next…off to make a plan!

  65. A while ago you posted something about free eye glasses. I can’t find the post. Can you help me find it. I really need new glasses and can’t afford to spend all the money. Thanks,

  66. OK…I’m a newbie at this, but need to get this since I’m unemployed. First of all, how do I get this added to my fb site…also, how do I find out what sales are going on at Walmart, It’s the only grocery store in my area and want to be prepared when I go there…any help would be greatly appreciated.

  67. Something is wrong with your database link. It takes me to a restaurant page (I think thats what it is). I’m looking for axe coupons.

  68. hey there I have just started couponing and I love it and of the few sights that I have looked at I like your best but I cant figure out how to become part of your sight. I “liked” you on facebook so I got that but what else can I do?

  69. Stephanie Miller says

    Well, is the best site so far, but I haven’t seen very many new coupons in over 2 months. also, I get the inserts in the Sunday newspaper, but I live in a rural area where the only place to shop is Walmart and not much luck there..but still trying…Take Care

  70. hi there again, i’m not sure where to post stuff that i found as a great deal so if it is not here please let me know. Walmart has softsoap on sale for $0.98 and i found in your coupon database a $0.50 off coupon (by the way how do i print that coupon off?) I hope this is helpful. by the way I LOVE this sight, i visit every day!!! one more thing how can i sign up to win one of your binders? TKS ~Alisa

  71. sandy asad says

    Its a little misleading because if we link through your posts to lets say You get credit for that. so, the reality is you make money as does your husband, right? Im just sayings. be totally honest. the deals you post are good, but, it brings you income as well.

    • Wow Sandy,

      When Sarah does all the work to help up score great deals, who cares if she makes some extra cash?

      She said that stretching her husband’s paycheck was where her money saving journey BEGAN. If all of her hard work has paid off in getting some extra cash from referrals or advertising on her website, then GOOD FOR HER.

      Sarah, you go girl!! I LOVE your site, and when I see an e-mail from you in my inbox, I get excited, ’cause I just know I’m about to score a deal! πŸ™‚

    • Wow sandy is right, I agree with Denise on this one!!! Sarah has the best site out there, she is kind, generous, and helps all of crazy people how to save tons of money. why Complain that she might get a lil extra money from helping us, if you dont like it start your own site, or dont come on ours. I am a military wife have been for 12 years and we have 3 boys, I want to save all the money I can, and not spend the money my Husband puts his life on the line for everyday If i dont have to! Thanks Sarah Your the best!!!

  72. Hi Sarah,

    You posted a deal by American Express earlier this month. I have tried to find it on your site but can’t. I received my card and I need to load money. Is there any way that you can email the info to me?


  73. Kellie Ross says

    I just wanted to thank you for the good deals you share with us! You’ve helped me get lots of goodies & save $$! Keep ’em coming!!


  74. Sarah,
    Hey i was wondering about that Amex Prepaid card I got two of them And registerd and activated them both and put in the amount of the deposits and am now waiting for the 25 to go on them both. I was wondering if you could tell me what my next step is so i can get the two gift cards from this deal, I forget??? Thanks so much!!!

  75. I loved the idea that you had posted about the candy bar poster for dads. I didnt get all of them wrote down and wondered if someone could repost them. It was such a cute thing to do with very little cost.

  76. Deb Miller says

    Hi Ii can,t find your chocolate chip pie recipe. I have made it and lost the recipe and the pin and your site gives me nothing can you please help!

  77. Hey Sarah
    I just tried to get the Starbucks refreshers at Safeway. I got 15 of them and handed over 15 coupons. The lady said one per purchase. I explained I was purchasing 15 and using 15 coupons. I also said if it said one per transaction then she would be right. She called someone else over and he told me the same thing. He ended up using one coupon per two drinks and then taking 61 cents off each two. They are in sale 2 for $3. So the cashier said ok I’ll use 8 coupons but have to take all 16 of them? I called corporate and they said they are right one per purchase means I can only get one at a time per transaction…… Eeeeek am I right or are they?

    • Just tell them if that ever happens again then you would like to do 16 separate transactions- it waste their time and yours but- you still get your deal. It might make customers behind you upset and make them loose business but its their fault. It didn’t say one per transaction- I think you are right!

  78. Hi Sarah! Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your page. You have motivated me to not only work deals like it is my job but also to start my own blog! I just got the page on its feet and am beginning to write posts. My site ( combines extreme couponing with down to earth beauty product reviews to find real women the best beauty products at the best prices.

    Do you have any advice for a newbie blogger? Would you be interested in posting beauty product reviews to match products featured in your deals? Let me know.

    Again, thanks for inspiring me each and every day.


  79. Becky Martens says

    Just a FYI on your Science Diet Rebate Deal…there is also a 3.00 coupon you can use make this a money maker!! I found it in the 6/17 Smart Source..there is a link in there to go to print off!!! Thx for all you do, love your site!!!

  80. I have been a loyal reader of raininghotcoupons for many months now. I can’t say how much I appreciate what you do. It is hard to believe some people seem to resent you for earning money through a site you created and work hard to maintain. We (your readers) should be grateful that you are generous enough to share your expertise and educate those who are not as knowledgeable. You could keep all of your money saving tips to yourself, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!

  81. I was just thinking that your baby is almost due, what will we do without you? Just wanted to wish you all the best and may God continue blessing your family abundantly with health and prosperity.
    I really appreciate all your updates and savings you help us with, thank you!!!

  82. Hi Sarah!

    I just recently found out I am pregnant with identical twin boys. I already have a 2 year old and 10 year old son. Needless to say saving a penny is a huge deal. I’ve always wanted to get into couponing but had no idea where to start!

    I’ve learned a whole lot. However, with twins on the way, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any deals or promos big name companies to for parents expecting multiples??

  83. Cris Maro says

    Hi there, I’m trying to buy a binder but it say I already registered with that information. I just want to order and it won’t let me…any help here? I cannot find a direct e-mail addess for Sarah to ask.

  84. How do I get the coupons that you are posting?? I’m using an IPad! Also what comes in the binder?

  85. Sarah I’m a teacher in South Florida and we are required to buy our own supplies for our classroom and students. I’m always looking for great deals to help out in my classroom and my friends classroom. I just wanted to tell you that on Vista print they recently had banners for free and I got them made for some of my teacher friends. I know it will be greatly appreciated and thought parents might consider this if they are already purchasing other items on that site. They will last year after year and it’s such a personal gift. Thanks for all you do.

  86. Hot Walgreen’s Deal!!!

    Huggies Slip On Diapers – $9.49

    Use $4 coupon from monthly coupon book AND join the Huggies Challenge on their facebook page. You just have to “check in” for five days and get a $2 coupon at the end (that you can print twice!)

    =$3.49 diapers!!

  87. Geena Oommen says

    Wow….amazing…i m also a stay at hme wife( not a mom yet) ..RHC helps me find gud deals….so that i can shop Right with my husband hardearned money….tnx Sarah…!

  88. Geena Oommen says

    oh, I almost forgot , I can’t post comments from ipad…is it just me….?

    P.S : You look great…esp for a mom of 3 kids….!

  89. coupon network has a $3 off any one bag of lays chips 10oz or larger

  90. Do you use coupon clipping services? I know nothing about them.

    Thank you, Deb

  91. I just found this sight a couple of days ago. I think it is great. I tried the deal at Walgreens for mayo, velvetta shells and cheese and salad dressing. It was great to get all of that for only a couple of dollars. I only have one computer so I couldn’t print more than two coupons. But it has given me the coupon bug. I never knew you could use store coupons and manufacturers coupons together. Thank you so much for your blog. I will be checking back as often as I can.

  92. You can go to “Celebrate my drive” website and enter your teenager to enter a chance to win a new car.

  93. I subsricise to your newsletter, so how to I get a FREE copy of your book,learn how to coupon….

  94. Hi there, I LOVE this website. There is one thing I think you should tell people when they order from On Totsy you have to wait 10-15 buisness days AFTER the sale ends, and then another 7-10 bissnuess for them to ship it to you. If I would have known this, I wouldn’t of ordered from there. Again, I LOVE this site. But I think when you tell people about deals on Totsy you should tell them that.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  95. Just wanted to pass along a great deal I found today. Our local Wal-Mart has a double pack of Vicks Nature cold and flu medicine (it is the daytime pills and the bottle of the liquid for nighttime) on clearance for $5.00. I used the $3.00 off two from yesterday’s coupons and bought two of the sets. It left each individual item costing only $1.75 plus tax! Great deal when the pills alone cost over $5.00 a pack!

  96. I have been helping my friends and family thru FB. I recently moved away from them and this helps me to stay more connected. I share alot of your posts and they look forward to what deals I share from you! Thank you for keeping my connections going strong. You ROCK girl!

  97. Hi Sarah! God Bless You for helping others online! I have been “studying” couponing for the past few days & this is the first site I have been to where there was some really substantial info (complete with photos/descriptions, etc) to help us newbies out! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! If I hadn’t already bought a binder elsewhere I would have bought yours…and myabe will buy my second one here as soon as I get going on all of this. Yours is truly the first site where I have read all of your info given & not been OVERwhelmed! Thanks for breaking down all the couponing code words & jargon, etc. I pray that God will bless you & your family mightily! HUGS from Portland, Maine!

  98. i am not happy lately with the posts on this website. everytime i go after something, they dont carry that product or is not the right price. whats going on. also there are not many dollar trees that have any of these items u post on here. if your unsure of the price since every store is diff and carry diff things then please post that under the item. not mad but its very dissapointing when u go all that way and u dont get what u expect several times in a row.

  99. How do I sign up for the giveaways? I’m clicking on them ,but no where to put my name? For instance the Amazon gift cards on black Friday.

  100. On they have the Doc McStuffins DVD for $8.00. It is one of the hot dvd’s for the year with kids and would go great with the Doc set that is one of the 10 hottest items of the year according to TRU!

  101. Lisa Burwell says

    Do you remember what the name of the coffeemaker on Amazon was called? You had it on your site for around $50.00. thanks, Lisa.

  102. Just wanted you to know I rocked on that VC deal you had going. I got the travel lotions and then two gift $10 gift cards that I used to buy 5 pairs of panties for a total of $6. I like their cute lace hipster ones.
    Thanks for the deal. And if I get that rug, another huge coup. Thanks so much.

  103. Deborah Davis says

    Sarah why is the 12 days of Christmas Giveaway not working – as this is the first day it is kind of odd that it is “No Longer Available”. Please fix the link! BTW – you have an awesome site with great ideas AND I too own a Great Dane! Have a great Holiday!

  104. just fyi sarah. the lows deal was not honored they sent me an email and said the $10 was an rror and would not honor the rugs πŸ™

  105. I wanted to let you know I just received an email from Kmart with a printable coupon for 10% off, can only be used “once per transaction” – so at least 10% plus I am thinking this would be great for after Christmas sale, does not expire until 3/11/13. I can forward you the email if you would like please let me know. Thought it was strange for this to last so long.

  106. Just wanted to let you know that rite aid has Henry idea and right guard deodorant but one get one free. If you use the two dollars off two deodorants coupon that’s on they came up to a dollar each I just bought 8 right guard and 8dry idea. Just thought joule let u know so u don’t miss out on this deal. Plus I want to say thank u for teaching me about coupons your website is great.

  107. On 1-17 I “purchased” a deal for a “free” body wrap that I linked
    To from your Facebook. I webt through the whole process, entered my credit card info etc. I have recieved
    No correspondence from this company. I had saved a link to the page so
    I could cancel as recommended in the comments on Facebook, so that I would not
    Be charged over $100 the following month. The link I saved is no longer good. My question to
    You is, can you tell me the name of the company that was linked to this post, send me a functional
    Link or something. I’m paranoid that my card info will be used in ways that I don’t want it to be. Thank you.

  108. Hi, Wanted to let you know that Amora Coffee is doing a “welcome back” promotional. 4 lbs of coffee for just shipping and handling of 6.95!! Then is says in the fine print that if you want to keep receiving, just do nothing otherwise call to change your subscription. So you aren’t locked in!!

    Love your website!!

  109. Hi Sarah
    I was wondering if the Amazon $50 giveaway has been claimed? Heather J won and I’m just hoping it isn’t me and I typed my email address incorrectly. πŸ™‚ doesn’t hurt to check…right? Thanks

  110. When I signed up for Raining Hot Coupons I did not receive my free ebook.

  111. so i go to a diff walmart today and they really gave me a hard time about the nieve hand cream. it said in writing 2 oz lotion. she said it dosent match the picture. uhhhhhhh. then the olay bar soaps she said it has to be on the picture. crazy people im never going back there. what would u have suggest cause the team leader even came over n told me that.

  112. Hello!

    I just wanted to let you know about a deal I received as an IU student that is open to the general public as well.With graduation around the corner, I figured that some of your followers could benefit from a great computer deal from HP!

    Take off $100 off Select HP PC’s over the $699.99 price point (combinable with instant rebates and HP Academy pricing). In order for the coupon to work, the student MUST register at:
    Coupon code: ” CAMPUS178 ”
    Offer expires on 3/23/13.

    I would greatly appreciate if you would share this deal on your page – Let me know if you have any questions!


  113. Hello Sarah,

    My name is Lauren and I work with Valpak Coupons. I was reading your β€œHints and Tips” of couponing and found your information very helpful. I noticed that on your website on the page Printable Coupons that you like a number of resources that people can use to get coupons.

    The Valpak website: has thousands of coupons that are both for local merchants and for national brands. I am sure that in addition to all the other places that you listed that your users would find the savings at Valpak of great value.

    I am hoping that you will consider the addition of Valpak Online Coupons for your website.

    I really appreciate your time today and if you have any questions please let me know.

    Thanks again,

  114. Nanya Powell says

    Just wanted to let you know my local Rite Aid had Campbel”s veg soup regular 1.97 on sale for .49 and they also had if buy two NYC cosmetics get a dollar off from cashier and can use the dollar off manufactor coupon ntoo so makes them super cheap

  115. Michelle Pena says

    I love, love your site. I was wondering how to enter for a free coupon binder. We are a family of 7 and have just started couponing. My kids love it. I need help organizing and wanted to try to get a free one before I started searching for a great deal on a binder. Thank you so much for investing your time to help others get good deals. God bless, The PeΓ±a’s

  116. Just thought I’d pass this along since it’s prom time and everyone needs to save some cash! Save $40 off the rental of a tux from Men’s Wearhouse by giving them the code: 4612736 when you enter the store. This is not an online code but if you give it to the salesman you will instantly save $40 off the price of any tux rental. Happy Prom time!

  117. Here is a great Mother’s Day Promo Code for a Free Carseat Canopy just pay shipping!
    Mother’s Day Deal!
    Promo Code for a Free Carseat Canopy!
    Regularly $49.95, get one today for FREE!
    Use Promo Code “MOTHERHOOD13” at TODAY!

  118. jackie avery says

    I sent for the free care box in feb and I still have not recieved it It was Address to Rayce Teate at 9705-22 hickory hollow rdin Leesburg fl. 34788

  119. Jurissa Febres says

    Hi sarah i lv ur site ppl ask me all the time how i learned how to coupon and i knew how to do it before it got crazy like this but when ppl ask me can u teach me i always give em ur website cz i think ur the most fun and they will learn alot from u i did learn sumthing from u how to organize my binder and i thank u for that .so thanks for everything keep on doin a good job helppin ppl hope to hear from u soon.

    Att jurissa febres

  120. δΌ˜θ΄¨θ΅„ζΊεˆ†δΊ« ηΏ±ηΏ” , ζ΅·η›—ζΉΎ.

  121. for the canvass, but Im really loveable the new Zune, and comedian this, as vessel as the fantabulous reviews few other group somebody codified, instrument ply you resolve if its the honorable choice for you.

  122. Cheri Black says

    Hi, I love the site! Last year you linked a few deals for cheap kids sunglasses. I bought one batch then, but need more and don’t remember which discount site it was on. Please help. Thanks!!

  123. I just purchased the coupon binder and was wondering how long it will take for me to receive it? I’m sooo excited about learning about couponing… the right way and know all the ends and outs of it. Any other information or websites to read up on would be greatly appreciated!

  124. Hi Sarah,

    I love your website and all its advice. I did have a question I entered my email to get your ebook and never received it. I bet it is full of great info like your site. Thanks for your help.

  125. Sarah,

    Can you please take down my post about the 70% off. Thirty-One sale? I’m just beginning and didn’t realize it was against company policy. I just saw all the other ladies doing this and got excited. I DO NOT want to get in trouble with the company!! Please take my post down. It was posted yesterday. Thank you so much for you’re help!

  126. Kelly May says

    Are your store deals from the greater San Diego area/

  127. Hi Sarah! I have a Dorm Room Space-Saving Special I think your readers might be interested in:

    Every weekend in August, students and parents can save money and expand their bathroom space with a Rotator Rod rotating, curved shower curtain rod when they use the coupon code DORM2013 at

    Do you have an email address I can send you more information and talk about developing a relationship?

  128. Im kind of new to couponing and i know you can coupon stack if one is a manufacture coupon and a store coupon but can you stack two manufacture coupons?

  129. Hi Sarah, trying to email you my address. Can’t find where to email it to you…can you please let me know thanks

  130. Hi Sarah ..I was the winner of the Diamond candle, my address is,

    Andrea Reed
    1514 Hill St
    Coal Township, Pa. 17866

  131. I have been doing this coupon this g for a couple of months and have built up a a good stickup pile so far. I have watched some of your videos on all your freebies and I sign up for things but never seem to et them. Please help what am I doing wrong?


  132. Hi Sarah,

    I was wondering if there is a way to get inserts from the last two Sunday papers. I accidentally let my subscription run out. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  133. Hey I just wanted to share a great deal with you!! I got 20 cans of Gilette shave gel from Wal*Mart for like $1.73. I was so excited!! I got 10 cans for my husband and 10 cans for me! I thought I was going to have to get the foam, but the men’s gel was on sale for $1.98(reg.$2.24) and the women’s was $1.98 reg. I had 2 of the $2/1 Gillette P&G coupons that expired today and 6 of the $6/3 Gillette razors, refills, shave prep, or skin. I was so excited!! That was 20 cans for less than the price of one can!! I have a picture but I can’t figure out how to put it on here!

  134. i was wondering how you get the coupons for the candles, its my 1 year anniversary next week and these candles are pretty nifty.

  135. Nice Initiative by you. You can be rolemodel for many women


  136. Danielle Ortega says

    Hey Sarah

    I am an avid couponista and I was laid off from my full time job. I am interested in helping others by posting tutorials and a website that can help other people save money in times of a financial crises. I am not sure how to begin developing a website so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  137. When I did some price matching today at my local Walmart, they refused to accept my coupons. The cashier said that when they price match your not allowed to use coupons. Now, I went to their site about coupons and saw nothing pertaining to either price matching or using a coupon with a price match. Any suggestions?

    Elizabeth Wooten

  138. This is an incredibly easy way to save and make money for us couponers

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  140. Hey Sarah,
    First off I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog Raining Hot Coupons! I think you do a great job telling your readers about really high quality deals. Also, I wanted to tell you about – we work with theaters throughout the US and help people save up to 60% off movie tickets and concessions. I’d like to make a coupon code that would be exclusive to your readers. It would give an additional $5 off of our already discounted deals. If your interested, I’ll active the coupon RAININGHOT. Please let me know!

  141. How often do you post? The information I am looking at is dated 10/12 and today is 10/15.

  142. Dollar General has the Special K berry snack bars (6 pack box) for $1.00. Purchase using the $1.50/2 coupons and get these for 25 cents a box.

  143. Victoria Secret also has 3 free perfume samples with code 3free. It is the .05 fl oz/ 1.5 ml which normally cost $2 and you can order 3 of any variety.

  144. I just wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into your blog! This helps so much, especially around Christmas time and I look forward to reading what you have to post during the day. I appreciate all of your post and explinations especially the fact that you do this out of the kindness of your heart! You always have the best deals!!

  145. Nichole Daniels says

    I was wondering if you could help me find an ipad 2 new with wifi. I haven’t been able to find a rocking deal and my daughter needs one for Christmas. Please help!

  146. Hi Sarah,

    It’s not usual for me to leave a comment like this but really, I love your site! Not only because of its design but also because of the wide-range of coupons being featured here. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though considering the name of the site is Raining hot coupons! lol. Anyways, we at Clickacig are also offering a great year-end sale on all our e-cigarette products – Upto 20% discount by simply using this code: CLICK-20. I do hope it helps and best wishes being a mom and coupon enthusiast!

    Kind Regards,

  147. Denise Knowles says

    Hello, thank you for providing information on coupons and special deals. I seem to be having a problem with the order I made through your site with thirty one. My order is not showing any where. I can see where I was on the site and making the order, but when I click back into them it says the site is not available right now. I was really looking forward to receiving my order and so was my daughter because I had told her about the items I had ordered for her. I am hoping you will be able to help me with this matter. Sincerely yours, Denise

  148. Denise Knowles says

    Hello again, I wanted to let you know that through some searching I have been able to contact thirty one about my order which was not showing any where, and I got an email from them today and it is being processed. Sorry to bother you with this. Thank you again for telling us about great deals. Sincerely, Denise

  149. Jim Grimmett says

    Thank you.

    I am an older guy who couldnt find a tenth of the things you send freely to my inbox everyday.

    Thats it, just thank you for making my life a little better.


  150. Do you have pictures posted of your stockpile? I would LOVE to see it. I’ve started mine but it’s very small. Wanting some inspiration. By the way I love your name. πŸ™‚

  151. I just wanted to say I love this site. So much better than all the others!!!

  152. Hey my name is Aaron Garrett and I love your site, all the giveaway…. ect. I’ve just been having some problems finding out the winner’s of the giveaways/like & comment Amazon gift card flash giveaways you say you’ll post them in the winners category, but I can’t seem to find it. Since you give 24hrs to clam prize’s, i just wanted to know were to find it???? Sorry to bug you.

  153. kathleen rowley says

    I use to get your daily emails, but now I get them in my spam folder. Can you tell me why, and what I can do to get them in my regular email instead? Thank you.

  154. Laura Johnson-Zenteno says

    Thank you so very much sarah for all the money you have saved me and all the freebies I’ve gotten. I am so glad i found your site on facebook and i look forward to all the great things you have in store for us. Thank you.

  155. I just wanted to send you, much deserved, appreciation,(((hugs))), & blessings.+ πŸ™‚ It really shows how now much you want to help others save & you do a great job!! Thank you:)

    • **It really shows how much you care about others & help them save so much.**
      Oops..sorry about my first post. I hope I make sense now.

  156. Love your site Sarah!! There is one thing that I don’t like about it. When you bring up the website sometimes a popup comes up. It’s the one that states Like us on facebook or follow me on Pinterest. This doesn’t always come up but it does and when it does come up I try to close it where it shows the close button but it doesn’t close this popup. I end up closing out of your website and getting back into the site and the popup doesn’t show up the second time. Thanks

  157. I got the right stuff I need. thanks Sarah…

  158. You’re like a barbie doll πŸ™‚ Smart and Pretty Girl. πŸ™‚ β™₯

  159. Thanks so much for your advice and daily tips!! I’m glad I found this website a few weeks ago!
    You’ve helped me save a ton!

  160. Michelle Jones says

    Hi Sarah, I’m not sure if your still doing this site, but I came across it and I must say ” my prayers are answered!” I’m a single mom of 3 kids, working 2 jobs and in college. I’ve been trying to save on daily items the best to my ability and still it’s a struggle. I tried other coupon site and all they do is turn me to other site, get telemarketers calling me, and run me in circle. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. From one mom to another, you know how difficult it can be. Sometimes I go without eating just so my children can eat. Even working 2 jobs it’s still a struggle to provide for my family. Help any help you can give on how to save on expenses would be heaven sent. Thank you for being the angel you are and helping those who need it the most. πŸ™‚


  161. I saw a picture of 4 beautiful children; they must be your children. You look so young & are blessed to have a beautiful family. I look forward to searching your website for more interesting things. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

  162. Hi,
    I am new to your site, and I just have to say that I am hooked! I too am a stay at home mom, and try to help make ends meet while babysitting, which doesnt bring in a lot of income!! So I love the fact that I can get a good deal, and make shopping fun and exciting, while providing what my family needs as far as food and other stuff goes!! Thanks for your tips! I’m always looking for was to save, and love it when I can help others as well!!!


  163. I want to see pics of you naked, cutting coupons…. Please Sarah.

  164. Please double-check your recipes. My son has been enjoying microwave dessert recipes. Tonight, he found one of yours. Due to the unsafe instructions, he almost started a fire. Two-thirds of a cup of flour in a modern microwave will become incredibly hot, brown, and nearly catch fire. Please read that again.

    The ceramic bowl the flour was in was too hot to handle, and when I carefully tipped the flour out, it was a smoldering brown chunk.

    The recipes for “Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough Eggs” and “2 Minute Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” both contain the dangerous instructions to “Heat flour in microwave for 2 minutes (internal temp 160).” .

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  168. So it looks like you’ve been scamming people online longer than you’ve been selling LuLaRoe. You should probably take this shitty site down before more people find it.

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  170. Great work Sara. Is not easy to be a Mom and doing all. I like you DIY page. I am writing now an article on homemade toothpaste natural.

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