Adorable Halloween Jar Lanterns

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halloween lanterns

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Halloween Jar Lanterns Make Halloween Adorable

Halloween Jar Lanterns are an adorable and easy way to celebrate the holiday even if you can’t go out and buy your own jack-o-lantern.  With a few common materials, you’ll have these little lanterns ready to delight party guests or trick-or-treaters.  All it takes is a little imagination and a lot of fun to make fantastic Halloween Jar Lanterns.  It’s a great craft for everyone, from kids to adults.

Ideas for Halloween Jar Lanterns

You can make all kinds of favorite characters with Halloween Jar Lanterns.  Ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and mummies are just a few.  Use different colors of tissue paper, which is easily found inexpensively at dollar and party stores.  I used green for an adorable witch, orange and green for pumpkins, and white for a ghostie.  Look for jars that are all different shapes for a variety of characters in Halloween Jar Lanterns.  I happen to have a round Ball jar, as well as some straight sided ones, but you don’t need to use Ball jars for Halloween Jar Lanterns.  Save jars throughout the year for a great variety to choose from.  I love to save pickle and jelly jars for crafting all kinds of things.  Plus, if you need to store some leftovers, they are a great storage container!

What  You Need for Halloween Jar Lanterns


Halloween Jar Lanterns Materials

  • Empty jars, clean and dry
  • glue
  • bowl
  • water
  • tissue paper
  • permanent markers
  • candles/tealights
  • newspaper/butcher’s paper


Protect your work surface with newspaper or butcher’s paper.

Mix a few tablespoons of glue with an equal amount of water in the bowl.  Mix well.

Tear the tissue paper into strips.

Halloween Jar Lanterns Torn

Dip the strips, one at a time, into the glue mixture.

Place the strips on the jar, overlapping edges.  Neatness really doesn’t matter.  Smooth out any air bubbles.

Halloween Jar Lanterns Glued

Once the whole jar is completely covered, tip upside down and allow to completely dry.

When dry, use the markers to decorate with faces.

Place candles inside and light.

Safety with Halloween Jar Lanterns

Be safe with your candles in Halloween Jar Lanterns.  Make sure the candle fits down in the bottom of your jar without tipping over.  Place a drop or two of wax in the bottom and place the votive on it while it’s still melted to keep the candle in place.  Or use tealights, battery operated tealights, or even glow sticks.  They will make Halloween Jar Lanterns glow brightly and festively.


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