Amazon: FREE Raw is the Answer: The 30 Day Green Smoothie Diet (30 Recipes!) Kindle ebook

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If you’ve been wanting to learn about “Green Smoothies”, how to make them and all the health benefits then I would recommend snatching up this FREE ebook for Kindle from Amazon called Raw is the Answer: The 30 Day Green Smoothie Diet!

Learn how to make 30 different green smoothies containing more calcium than a glass of milk and more than 100% DV of omega-3 fatty acids. By simply replacing one meal per day with a healthy green smoothie you can greatly increase your energy, maintain your cardiovascular health and lose weight. Only simple, fresh fruits and vegetables are needed to make these smoothies, along with optional supplements such as flaxseed oil, chlorella and agave nectar.

Find out why thousands of people are introducing this amazing drink into their daily routine and changing their lives for the better.

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  1. Heather says

    I have tried today and yesterday to purchase both this and the free crock pot cook book as well. When I click it tells me I already purchased it, but I haven’t.

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