Amazon: Live Butterfly Garden ONLY $12.66 Shipped (Reg. $20)!

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Amazon has a fun deal for the kiddos….you can get this Live Butterfly Garden marked down to just $12.66 (reg. $19.99)! Kit includes certificate for painted lady caterpillars (see the beautiful butterflies they turn into below), an observation chamber, supplies for feeding the butterflies, a booklet of instructions and butterfly facts, and a certificate.

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  1. erin says

    Yes there is a way to buy the butterflies…go to and you can get them there…we have had the house for two years now, so we just keep re-ordering the butterflies

  2. Danielle says

    I have this for my daycare kiddos and ordered the caterpillars in the middle of June. I received an email that the temperatures have been too hot to safely ship the caterpillars so the order has been put on hold. I have yet to get an order confirmation of reshipping (as described I the email). I was hoping to do an end of summer send off, but guessing we will have to wait a bit longer. Not a big deal, just thought it was worth mentioning!

    • Destiny M says

      You actually buy the butterfly garden for $12.99 and it comes with the certificate for the caterpillars, you do have to pay $5 shipping for them from the insect lore website, but I think you can redeem the certificate any time you want. The caterpillars take 1-2 weeks to turn into butterflies.

  3. T Lynn says

    This really doesn’t seem humane. How many caterpillars and butterflies will die from shipping, improper storage (people stashing for xmas), improper care once received, or at the hands of kids or even adults that have no idea how to properly care for them? Nothing at all against RHC, more against the manufacturer/seller of living thing as “toys”.

    • Layla says

      A quick search of amazon will show you that insect lore make far worse items then this. F
      or example the “Little Bug Locket” or the “Insect Lore Watch-A-Bug” are both disturbing.
      RHC is simply reposting an offer from amazon.
      I am however going to write to the company and complain about the above items.

  4. Shawnee Gonzales says

    We got this set a couple of Christmas’ ago. It took almost a year to receive the larvae. Then when we received them, it was too cold and they died when they were taken outside. Horrible timing, you would think if they made us wait almost a year, they would have timed it to be the right approximate weather for the butterflies.

  5. Destiny M says

    I bought this for my son, and we love it! We received the butterfly garden from Amazon. When we opened the package all that was in it was the butterfly garden, instructions, a pipette, and a certificate for the caterpillars. You have to go to the insect lore website to redeem the certificate and pay an additional $5 for them to ship the live caterpillars to you. They also say before you order to plan to be home within the time frame in which the caterpillars could be delivered. Our caterpillars have hatched yesterday and today and still waiting on 1 more to hatch. We only have 4 because when we received the caterpillars, we were given 4 regular size ones, and 1 tiny runt. Needless to say, the runt didn’t make it. But even so this has been a great learning experience for my son and it’s so much fun to see his eyes light up watching the caterpillars and now butterflies! Definitely worth the cost! :)

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