Babies R Us: FREE Diapers after Gift Card!

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free diapers at babies r us

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Be sure you hurry over to Babies R Us to score FREE diapers after the gift card!

Buy 2 Babies R Us Box Diapers $10each
Get $20 Gift Card wyb 2

Plus check out the boxes, they have $50 in coupons inside! SO you get $100 in coupons with your purchase!


Thanks Hip2Save!

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  1. gloria says

    this sale has been out for a week now – the “promo” sized boxes of diapers for $10 a box aren’t included in the GC sale and the store can’t – and won’t override the computer to issue them for free or give a gift card. per EVERY store manager i talked to (which was 4 of them) corporate specifically stated they cannot combine sales promotions – and the $10 promo box does not count towards the gift card offer – most of the stores i’ve been to have put up exclusion signs as of this week.

    • Karen says

      I disagree. I bought 56 boxes for FREE. It took me several days and driving to many different stores (some as far as 30 miles away), but I wiped out my entire area. I called my sister in law who lives 100 miles away from me, and she did the same thing in her area – she got over 30 boxes for FREE. We daisy-chained the deal. I bought 12 for $120 and got a $120 gift card, waited 6 hours for the gift card to activate, went back and bought 12 more boxes and got $120 again, and repeat over and over again.

    • Karen says

      Also, no override in the system was needed. It automatically processed the gift card for me. NEVER ask managers if a deal will work. They do not want to give you diapers for free, and they will lie to you. Best thing to do is, go up to a register and see what comes up in the system. Not a single person questioned me even though I was buying up to 12 boxes at a time.

    • Scott says

      Laura, This deal worked perfect on these diapers im from so cal and the manager stated it was part of the deal as long as they are over the 72 count per box however it cannot be combined with any other coupons.

  2. Scott says

    WORKED PERFECT THANK YOU!!! We just came back from our local babies R us and bought 4 of these 2 each and recieved (2) $20 gift cards. The manager i spoke to said these wer left overs from black friday and they were told that they are part of the special however you cannot combine with any other coupons (such as the coupons that are in the box for $6 off any box of babies r us diapers)

    • Chad says

      We used them on my 2 year old, and loved them. We only used pampers, until someone told us about black friday deal and my wife stocked up on them. We still had some left over, as he is now potty trained and has been for awhile, so we gave them to my sister-in-law who uses them now and loves them as well!

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