Birthday Balloon Wreath Craft Idea!

Here is a super cute & frugal Birthday Wreath! It’s really easy to make & very inexpensive! What I love most about this wreath is you can store it & reuse it for other household birthdays or give it as a gift!


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What you will need to make this Birthday Wreath:

Straw or Styrofoam Wreath
Balloons (around 200+)
U shape floral pins
Birthday Ribbon/Curly Ribbon
**If you use a straw wreath I suggest wrapping it with clear plastic wrap for a tighter hold**


1.Prep your wreath by wrapping plastic wrap tightly around it.
2. Take your U shape Floral Pins and lay the balloon about halfway.
3. Start poking the Balloon pins into wreath… Keep in mind you can crisscross and or overlap them no special order just “play as you go”.

Keep in mind the fuller you want your wreath to be the more balloons you will need to use. I have seen some with over 2000 balloons added around the wreath! It’s totally up to your personal taste!


  1. Charity Treat says

    LOVE IT!!!

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