Blackberry Lemonade

Blackberry Lemonade

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If you’re looking for a yummy lemonade recipe that is unique and full of flavor, you’ve come to the right place! This Blackberry Lemonade is super refreshing and has the perfect amount of sweetness. I definitely recommend trying it if you haven’t ever had Blackberry lemonade. Enjoy!

Blackberry Lemonade


1 C fresh squeezed lemon
1/2 C fresh squeezed lime
1 tsp fresh grated lemon peel
3 C water
1 C sugar
3 + C fresh Blackberries.


-Fresh pureed 3 C of fresh Blackberries. ( add to blender and puree)
-In a large pot add water and sugar and heat until it reaches a boil.
-Continue to boil.
-Add lemon and lime  juice and the grated lemon peel.
-Allow the combination to simmer for one minute.
-Remove the pot from the heat and allow to cool.
-Strain the above mixture and pour into a pitcher.
-Add the pureed blackberries to the pitcher.
-Stir well.
-Add ice and stir.
-Pour into individual glasses and garnish with a fresh lemon wedges and sugar rim

Note: if Blackberries are tart add 1/2 C of sugar



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