Chevy Instant Win Game (Everyone Wins a Gift!) $10 Amazon Gift Cards, $500, Xbox 360 and More!)

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Wow! Here is an awesome new instant win game from Chevy! Everyone wins something and there are all kinds of prizes you can win instantly like Amazon Gifts cards. $500, Xbox 360 and more! Plus, if you get something you don’t want, you can re-gift it to a friend and play again for a different prize! Head on over to play the Chevrolet Gift Exchange instant win game!

Thanks, Carrie!

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  1. Christalee says

    I re-gifted and got nothing then I did it again and kept the gift and got a silly downloadable card I would never use. :/ Oh well worth a shot I guess.

  2. Michele says

    I’m pretty sure I just got Jipped outta a good gift! lol I swear it landed on An “I something” but then kicked me out right away. and when I went back I got digital wallpaper :/ they need to work on that game just a little bit. Owell thanks anyway

  3. says

    I have a friend that got a $10 Amazon gift card, but I haven’t gotten anything but the printables so far. Now I’m basically spreading the *joy* and regifting all of them to the people I follow on Twitter. lol

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