Christmas Fun – See Your House in a Snow Globe!

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Here’s some Christmas fun…you can type your address in and it will show you your house in the Snow Globe! The kiddos may have fun with this one…

They will also donate to Coalition for the Homeless as a result.

Thanks, Lisa!

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  1. suzanne says

    How cool and cute! I had the side of my house and our mail box, but it showed our house without the added room that my husband put in. Lol!

  2. Steve says

    Now if I could browse my computer to choose my own picture…that would be awesome. So, sorry…I’m not gonna fall for this one.

  3. Jennifer says

    It showed our acreage, but not our house…very cool. I typed in our Village and it showed main street. That was neat. Great fun and raises a little bit of money for a great cause. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Tammy says

    Well….. that’s not my car in the driveway, and who in the hell is sitting up on my balcony drinking coffee at my patio table?? And eating my freshly baked cinnamon rolls!!! Those had best not be the GOOD ones that I put raisins in !!! There had better be a good explanation for this one….LOL

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