Colored Noodles Recipe (Fun for the Kiddos and Very Inexpensive!)

Colored Noodles

colored noodles

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Kid’s love making these Colored Noodles!

Need something fun to do with the kiddos? How about a way to make them eat?! If so, you may love this next idea….colored noodles! It’s super easy, inexpensive and quick.

Check out how to do it below:

Colored Noodles

Colored Noodles


  • 2-3 food coloring colors (Blue and Pink or purple work best....Green kind of turns yellow)
  • 1 package of White pasta (you can use wheat but the color doesn't turn out as bright)


  1. Boil the water in separate pans
  2. Add about 15-20 drops of each color in its own pan (or until the water completely changes colors)
  3. Boil pasta in colored water
  4. Strain the pasta (make sure to do EACH color in it's own pan)
  5. That's it!
  6. *You can also do this same recipe a little different....just boil your pasta and strain then add a little bit of pasta to a few different baggies and add 15-20 drops of food coloring in each bag and a little water. Then let sit until pasta has absorbs the color.

noodles 2

noodles 1


  1. We do this! We dye the pasta pink, orange and yellow and then dye alfredo sauce blue and add asparagus and broccoli. The kids call it Lorax pasta! 🙂

  2. Cool =)

  3. So cool, I tagged out preschool in it too. I think the kids would love this!!

  4. “hey bud, where’d did your playdoh go?” ” I thought it was colored pasta.”

  5. Natural food color. Xanthophyll (yellow), paprika red, beta-carotene (orange yellow), gardenia yellow, curcumin (yellow). Chinese manufacturer since 1993.

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