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  1. says

    ok- I am trying to win a pair of Petrol Jeans- Please help me :) Go to Petrol Jeans Facebook tab: Like them, click on the Win a pair tab and right under the info. their is a comment section highlighted in blue. Click on that tab and enter my name- Jeanni Bass Jones and post. Then you can post on your facebook wall. Each person that gets 20 posts with their name in the comment section will get a free pair of jeans-
    Let me know if you participate and I will put your name in :)
    Jeanni Jones

  2. Laurie Huss says

    Hi Sarah
    Thanks for all of your help in organizing coupons and helping us save money. My question is – Is there a place that I can get the super saver coupon that dates back to Januray 2 2011? I want to take advantage of the Target deal for Electrasol Finish Jet Dry Power Ball Tabs. Keep up the great “How To Videos”.


  3. trisha bailey says

    Do you know where to find the 20% amazon codes for april.
    I heard Parenting and Newborn but i haven’t confirmed that.
    I’m desperate. I have two in diapers and these deals are my livelyhood.


    • Marie says

      Are you looking for diapers? Do you use Amazon mom and subscribe and save? If so, do you renew your acct after every transaction? That is what I do and I end up paying like $15 a box every time I get diapers, thats the BIG box of huggies! Just sign up for Amazon mom and subscribe and save and together its 50% off then when you get your order at your doorstep, cancel it! so you wont get it the next month or whatever you put in, then when you need diapers, do it all over again! this is what I do, however I havent recieved a coupon for Amazon in magazin in awhile now and its getting scary lol, I need diapers for little man.

  4. Crystal says

    I have a question for you~do you know how it works when you have a b1g1 coupon, and the item is on sale b1g1 50% off? I know if paired with a b1g1 free sale, you can get the items for free, but I’ve been trying to figure out the b1g1 50% off sale and what I would end up paying & how many products to get~I just keep getting more confused! Do you know how that would work? ~thanks!

    • Danielle says

      When I came across this B1G50% the other day, I was able to use my BOGO coupon and just pay the 50% of one item. From what I gather, the stores won’t charge you for the full item because they are getting reimbursed from the manufacteror thanks to the coupon you are using, so they will just charge you the 50%. Just check with the office people to make sure, or I like to call and talk to someone before I go. Good luck!

      • Marie says

        Danielle, where did you get this item at? I have a Walgreens that has a deal right now for BOGO 50% off and I have a coupon for BOGO free, I want to and need to use asap. Ive never couponed before trying to figure it out. :)

      • Tammy says

        I did that at Walgreens because I was not sure either, I ended up paying 2.71 for 2 Old Spice B/Wash 16oz @ 4.49 ea. So I believe it took half off the 50%. Making them each only 1.36!!

  5. Lisa K says

    Here is a great program that a lot of families would love if you would like to share it on your site. They would have to check to make sure it’s available in their area. The kids can bowl 2 FREE games a day for the summer which they consider a 3-4 month period. Adults can sign up too. Last yr the price was $24.95 for 4 adults to bowl 2 games a day. People could split the price between themselves to make it chaper but it is already.
    Hint: If you wait 2-3 weeks after registering the kids they email you a discount offer. Last yr they sent me one stating it would only be $14.95. This is a great CHEAP way of keeping the kids intertained for the summer.
    Thanks, Lisa

    • Linda says

      I just took my kids bowling for the first time yesturday and they loved it! What site or bowling company did you find this under?

    • elizabeth says

      I just signed up for this today! My girlfriend told me about it. There was a lane right in my city! I’m excited to try it this year!

    • elizabeth says

      I just read the comment about waiting 2-3 weeks for the adult sign up! Thanks for that hint!!! I thought about it, and declined it thinking I would ask my husband later, but now I’ll wait a few weeks to ask him…lol. Thank you so much!

  6. Leah says

    Does anyone know where I can find Purex Coupons? Our Kroger has it on sale for 1.99 a bottle, and I would love to stock up on this item!

    • Marie says

      Yesterday I checked my mail and recieved some of those bogus ad’s but one was a deal of coupons, you recieve now and then and I had a coupon for $1.00 off Purex. Goodluck!

  7. Linda says

    Just did my first pay it forward this morning with my couponing and it felt really good! Donated 6 bottles of men’s body wash and 4 bottles of Kraft salad dressing to my local food bank.. I plan to use my couponing to not only help my family but to help others as well!

    • Marie says

      This is GREAT to hear! I understand needing enough to support your family but when I watch Extreme couponing and see women who have a stockpile packed of items that will expire too soon or things they will not use or need and they havent donated anything just have loads of it. I dont understand. Kudos for you! I want to get into this and donate anything I can, just because I know there are a lot of people who can use it! Think about all the tornados that just hit past few days, this would be a great opportunity to help those in need.

      • Raining Hot Coupons says

        Awesome Linda! Thank you for being so giving and considerate. It really is great to hear. =)

        • Linda says

          Thank you Sarah for all the hard work you do for all us couponers!!! Your site has helped me so much!!! I also love how your always willing to chat with us, that is awesome!!! I sent a care package to my father using my coupons. We do not use Splenda and got 6 boxs from the WalGreens sale, but my father does. Plus I added in some body wash in the package as well… I think I’ll let the package be a surprise to him.. This will save him a lot of money, since how Splenda is not cheap!!!!

  8. Sara R. says

    I am new to couponing, but the one thing i can not seem to get is the diapers! This is one of the biggest expenses in my household, and i am lost at what some methods are to get diapers for as little as possible!? I am hoping that some of you rookies could shine some light on this for me! All your help is much appreciated

    And I am so thankful for this blog. Its a blessing.

  9. April says

    Hi!! I wanted to THANK YOU for all the help on couponing. I took my first trip today to try it out. I went to Walgreens and got some of their fabulous deals. The total on all the transactions was $133.30, but I only spent 61.30 and I still have 7 RR to use next time. I learned so much doing this so I know the next trip I take I will even be able to do better. Thanks again so much for all the help!

  10. Beatrice says

    You do such a great job! I love the shopping videos!!!! Love, love, love them.
    This is the best way for me to make my shopping list. I used to do lots of printing and making notes to get my shopping list ready. No matter how much prepping I did, I always would second-guess myself while shopping. Grrrrr!!!! I spent so much time trying to make sure I wasn’t missing anything because going to the return counter is not an option (I have a little problem returning things ) that it was no longer fun. So I quit, for about 3 weeks.
    Needless to say, Sunday morning I picked up my newspapers and watched your Walgreens shopping video. Went shopping and I made out like a bandit. Had tons of fun doing it that I did it again yesterday and may go again today!! Thank You, Thank You!!! I learn thing by seeing and doing faster than I do by simply reading and then using a list. Now that I get it, my list is simply a reminder / check-off list. Your shopping video makes it easy to understand and takes the stress out and brings back the fun.

    • Raining Hot Coupons says

      Yay Beatrice! Hopefully I can keep doing them! I love doing the videos…they just take a lot of time to edit and put on but that doesn’t stop me! LOL I have fun making them. Anyway, it’s great to hear that you enjoy them and they actually help out. I am the same way where I like to see something done, I also like to explain things over a video rather than typing it. It’s easier for me.

      Thank you for your kind words about RHC. =) It means a ton.

  11. Jill says

    Here is another B1G1F question…can you use a B1G1 free coupon and a specific $$ amount off at the same time??

  12. Marci says

    I want to know how to get the diapers for super cheap too! I am an amazon mom… I think. When I looked into getting diapers at a discounted price it said that there is a yearly fee of 75 dollars! Is that correct and is it worth it? I too have 2 kids in diapers and I would love to get them for cheaper. Thanks for everything you offer on this website. It has helped me out a ton!! I am new to couponing but my cousin has really shown me the ropes. Just yesterday I go four bags of candy (M&Ms and twizzlers) for 70 cents! I love this!

  13. Brooke says

    I’m making a coupon binder for a friend of mine and am looking for a good coupon quote to put on the cover page of the binder… Any ideas???


  14. Tammy says

    I have only been at this a short time, thanks for all the tips
    OK…Did well on my Sunday run to Walgreens,
    5 bxs hamburger helper
    2 Btls of All Detergent
    4 Gillette Deodorant
    2 Sure Deodorent
    1 Btl Bug Killer (summer is coming)
    All Valued at 61.31
    I paid………………………..11.11 woot woot my best shopping trip yet!!

  15. Clara says

    I’m a newbie to couponing. I watched your stockpile video and was wondering, do you use everything in your stockpile? Also, how can a person buy extras of items when he/she has a limited weekly budget to work with?

  16. Gigi says

    All You Subscribers What Has Your Experience Been:

    Let me preface this by saying I live in a very nice little neighborhood, I know this should not really matter but I am just saying this to give you some background. I never have things lost, removed or stolen from my mailbox or front porch, etc.
    I am bummed, I just received my first issue of my first subscription and it was torn and vandalized. I couldn’t believe it! I sent them an e-mail explaining my dilemma and where I understand they will replace or extend the subscription I am hoping this is not a regular thing that is going to be happening or I will unfortunately cancel. I was shocked it didn’t come sealed or as a lot of magazines packed in the clear bags. I mean surely if anyone was going to be tempted the magazine clearly prints on the front the coupon values inside on it’s front cover. I also suggested the sealed and or bagging to the company in a feedback letter to the editor and also in the request form for replacement/extension of damaged or lost issues.

  17. Sonya Roberts says

    Hi sarah, I just started using coupons and found you on youtube. I love your vidoes and have learned a lot of information from you. I love your website.

    I have a quick question for you regarding your post on the swagbucks for May 20th. I am a member of swagbucks but didn’t realize you could have the money put into your paypal account. How would I go about accomplishing this. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  18. jessi says

    Hi, so I went to target and I was looking at the hair die items and there s a coupon for
    any 2 loreal hair colors and you get 5 off and also if you print out 2 of the target coupons that are 2 off their 7.49 each so it’s $16.00 – $5-$2-$2=$7-$5 dollar gift card makes it $1 each hope you like this offer

  19. Amy says

    I was wondering if I used 2 Gillette Fusion $4 coupons, will I get two $5 RR or just the one $5RR?? I want to buy 2. Do I need to do different transactions?
    I am headed that way in a few and was wanting to know. Thanks for all you do! I check your site daily:)

  20. Melisa says

    Hi Sarah i wanted to know how can i get the best in my coupons if my stores dont double ? Is there anything i need to do more to get out of my coupons. :) Also how do i start with a stock pile ? Please let me know thank u . :)

    • says

      Often you’ll find that a store has one of the two following things:
      *They double coupons (some will double coupons in value up to $.50, some will round any coupons over $.50 up to $1.00 and some will double $1 coupons some or all of the time)
      *They have their own set of store coupons that can be used in conjunction with manufacturer’s coupons.

      The store “eats” the latter half of the doubled value or the store coupon value so honestly they equal out most of the time except store coupons take a little longer to find, clip, organize, etc. Stores that have their own coupons include: Food Lion, Target, Dollar General, and many others.

  21. Crystal says


    I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best! I recently won $500 in purina cat food (vouchers), (my kitties won a cat photo conest). I would love to thank you by sending you a $20 voucher from Purina for all your hard work. Can be used for cat food, or dog food, or cat liter. Ive saved so much money thanks to you! I can send to a P.O box if you have one. If your not okay with accepting the voucher I understand. Please let me know. Thans Sarah!

  22. Christie says

    In an email I received today from CVS it is advertised that we can scan our card in store at the coupon kiosk, recieve a coupon for 99 cent 12pk of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi! One day only! 6/15 and limit 1…

    • Regina says

      Cant wait to get to CVS…they better have extra on hand….lol
      RHC I sent a message last week I think and it is not showing on here and I didnt get a reply. Can you please look into this when you get a chance. I would appreciate it. Thank you

  23. mandi s says

    Ive tried several ways contacting you— and I still have not gotten a reply..and my post keeps disappearing off FB book wall… so

    AM I THE MANDI S THAT WON??? I am unsure If I received the email as I have multiple emails…. but i did not see any but just yesterday I cleared a bunch out as well

  24. Christie says

    Nestle Drumstick Icecream!!
    Official Summer Countdown

    June 21st, (starting noon ET) is the first day of our favorite season. Help us celebrate and…

    Raise a Cone to Summer

    We’re Giving Away 100,000 Coupons for a Free Cone*

    Starting at noon ET on June 21st. And all you have to do to get one is be a fan and tell us where to send it.

    *If you live in California, Colorado, or Nevada, we’re not allowed to offer you a coupon for a free cone—but we figured out another way to help you make the most of your summer, and it’s pretty awesome. If you live in Louisiana or Tennessee, we are super sorry, but because of your dairy laws, we can’t offer you any coupon at all.

  25. Cassie says

    I just wanted to thank you for ALL of your hard work! I am a coupon newbie, and I go to several sites a day to see what deals are floating around, and I don’t know how you do it, but you get them out faster than anyone else I have found. I love your site and all the great info and deals you have available for us, I am so glad I found it! Thank you so much!! =)

  26. ashley says

    Hi. I was wondering if you use two b1g1 free coupons on two items if they will cancel each other out and be free. A friend of mine said that it works this way but i tried it at walmart and they wouldnt do it. Have any of yall tried this before and has it worked?

    • Crystal says

      ive done it before at walgreens and yes it does work. but only if the store has a bogo sale, and you have a bogo coupon

  27. joanna says

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  28. lizzie says

    Hi, I am new to coupons, and I have a few question, How can i use my coupons to get multiple items to create a stockpile? I also got a copy of my supermarket coupon policy here in Arizona Fry’s Food. It says I can use only 1 manufactures and 1 competitor, so how is it possible to make a stockpile and bring my price of $240.00 grocery that i do every 2 weeks lower. We are a family of 5 and 1 income. Please Helpppp!!!

    Thanks you,
    Desperately needing help!

  29. says

    I am new consultant for thirty-one and looking to build my name so on my facebook page Marseille’s thirty-one gifts for the 1st 100 likes i am having a drawing for a thirty-one product and for the 1st 6 parties booked I am giving away an item . If you live out of state and want to order please feel free and go to my site. Its If you dont know anything about thirty-one your missing out and check out my site. :) Thanks!


    where on your page can i find coupon policies for stores? I got the CVS one from you but Im having trouble finding any others… Btw thanks for all that you do!! – Kathie Glasier

  31. Tina says

    Hi Sarah. There’s a company called Muckboots – they have a Facebook page with a fun game called Muckboots slot machine.
    You get 1 free spin a day – and for every 5 friends you get to ‘like’ the page, you get an extra spin. If you get 5 like boots, you win a free pair of Muckboots – anything they sell. So far my son has won and I have won. The boots he got were $195 and mine were $125 – they are nice boots! 3 days after 5 of my friends liked the page (and I got 2 spins), I won! Plus, after 7 days of winning, you can play again (tho you start back at 0 friends)

  32. says

    I ordered and received a pink coupon binder, was shipped on 9/12/2011, this binder doesn,t have a accordion file system in the front, no carrying pouch (for pens etc.) or calendar that is in you’re script? I don’t understand should I send it back? Was the wrong kind sent?

  33. Dana Clayton says

    I have several pet food/snack coupons and I remember you posting an address to send ones not being used but I can’t find it – can you please repost? THANKS!!

  34. Elisa says

    hi im interestred in purchasing a binder, but really dont need all that extra stuff. I bought mine a few months ago at a thrift store when i first started couponing, but its blue…id LOVE a pink one!!! Thanks!!

  35. Brandi Bence says

    Wasn’t sure if anyone told you what your shell was in the mystery box yet, but it looks like my grandfather’s rain gauge. It tells you in inches how much rain you received. He loves stuff like that. How much was this particular box? I apparently missed the post about them being available. After your Halloween box, I gotta get one of these!

  36. says

    To Whom It May Concern

    Can you please put me in touch with the individual who manages your advertising/affiliate network relationships?

    If you run CPA/CPL campaigns, we’d love to have you as an publisher. We have hundreds of exclusive campaigns that pay on a CPA or host and post CPL basis. In addition we have several campaigns that can be run through a call center.

    If any of these are of interest, I’m available at your convenience to discuss on a call or to answer any questions you may have over email.

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    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Joshua Polanco
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    AIM: Jpolanco

  37. Jessica says

    I have been receiving your newsletter for months and I have not received a copy of your book. I also subscribe on Facebook How do I get a copy?

  38. April says

    Do you know of any sales for a Cricut? I have decided that I really want one, although not for sure which one, but I do want one. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

    • brittany says

      Michaels has the best deals on Cricuts. I got the small personal one there last year for 69.99 and I just got the biggest one (Expression limited edition) for 199!

    • margie says

      April, I’d recommend getting a Silhouette if you’re serious about saving money. You’ll be able to download vector designs for 99 cents with this system. The Cricut has such expensive cartridges that you must buy in order to get certain designs/patterns. After reading lots of blogs, I regret having bought the Cricut and not the Silhouette. There’s so many more options with the Silhouette.

  39. says

    Pepsi 12 pks as low as $1.25!! They are on sale for 4/$11 use the ss coupon for .75 off a 12 pk which doubles to $1.50 u get 12 pks of pepsi for $1.25!!! Awesome deal!!

  40. says

    Pepsi 12 pks as low as $1.25!! At giant eagle They are on sale for 4/$11 use the ss coupon for .75 off a 12 pk which doubles to $1.50 u get 12 pks of pepsi for $1.25!!! Awesome deal!!

    • Kim says

      Hi Tracy, I know Giant Eagle is a regional chain (northeast for the most part if I’m not correct). Just a friendly tip in regards to the soda sales. I know they’re quite difficult to find good ones, and depending on what area you’re in where there is a Giant Eagle, there is often a competitor store called Community Market. If you happen to live in an area that serves both store chains, you may want to keep an extra eye out on the Community Market weekly fliers, as they often have hidden manufactures coupons disguised as store coupons on them!

  41. carrie says

    Target has a coupon for b1g1 on the food saver bags and has a $2 off for the same item. So 2 of those and the target b1g1 sounds like a pretty good deal

  42. says


  43. Tina Woods says

    Hi! i was wondering if you had heard anyone having problems with the $25 American Express Gift Card? I received an email today saying that I wasn’t eligible for the promotion? I am going to call them Monday but just wondered if you had heard anything

  44. RATIH says

    I am very interested in the egg mold, if you could send it to my country indonesian. please replay my email .. many thank you

  45. Ashley says

    I got an email today from Red Gold Tomatoes saying I won of the 4,000 red aprons! Yay! I’m so excited! I don’t win much, haha! Just wanted to give you a shout out and big thank you for posting about the contest/entry and also a huge thank you for everything else you post. I use your site daily and love following you :)

  46. says

    I would like to host a giveaway of a brand new product.

    These are called Melter Gems, they are made of scented soy wax and can be used in any melter or warmer. Each bag contains a ring worth $10-$1,000 you get to pick the fragrance and size of Ring.

    I would like to give away 1 or 2 bags, maybe they can visit my site and pick the fragrance they like?

    Let me know how this all works as well, if I would ship it to them or you or whatever.



  47. Laura says

    Hi Liza –

    Thanks so much for sharing Caribou Coffee offers with your readers! As the July 4th holiday is approaching fast, I thought you might also like to know that Caribou will be celebrating with two great offers this week! Caribou fans can get any two medium drinks for $4 on the Fourth of July! And if they save their July 4th receipt, fans can get ½ of any drink later in the week!

    Fans who show the official coupon – either printed or on their phone – at a participating Caribou Coffee, will receive any two medium drinks for $4 on the 4th of July! Thursday, July 5th through Sunday, July 8th, fans who show their Caribou Coffee receipt from July 4th will get half off any drink. Please see offer details at the bottom of the coupon below.

    I encourage you to share these great deals with your readers and have included the coupon images below. If you have any questions or would like the images as .jpgs, please let me know!

    Happy 4th of July!

    (Please email me for .jpg image files.)

  48. Marylin says

    I really love your daily e-mails.
    Can you tell me why the Libbys coupons don’y exist when I follow your link and use
    zipcode 77477? I went there the first day that I received the link. I’m so dissapointed.

  49. bobbie says

    I discovered your site from your you tube video. I also keep each page but i staple them together, careful not to staple into any coupons on the back. I find it easier when i need a coupon once removed from the page in binder if i only need a few of a particular coupon i can cut a few or all at once

  50. says

    Hi Sarah,

    James here from Sorry to bog up your comment roll with deal/coupon heads-ups, but I couldn’t find your direct email address on the contact page (maybe just poor sleuthing on my part:) Anyhow, GreenCupboards e-tails thousands of certified organic, fair trade, cruelty free and environmentally friendly products for low-impact and healthy living yay!

    Every monday, GC features the Deal of the Week (DOTW – 50% off). Is this something that might be helpful for your deal hunters? Again, sorry to muddle up the comment role with this shameless plug.

    Take care,


  51. James says

    Hi Lauren,

    For any order enquiries, Customer Care ( can help you with specific purchases.


  52. says

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  53. Lisa Marie says

    Hi! I am trying to unsubscribe to this e-mail and it won’t let me. I don’t have a working printer and am trying to clean up my e-mail. Please unsubscribe me from your site.
    Thank you :)

  54. Charlotte says

    Desperately trying to unsubscribe. I follow you on fb, when I see a post on there …. if I need to, I check your site.

  55. Katie Russell says

    Are you still doing the elf on the shelf give away? I participated and shared everything today but was not positive if the give away has ended, I hope not :)

  56. carol says

    I tryed the code 815cst on the american dolls , it didn’t work can you Please tell me the code to use ? I am at work.

  57. Erica Fecteau says

    I won fan of the week like a week or so before Christmas and sent two emails that were never replied through … And I just went through all the fan of the week winners and don’t see my name any where anymore… :( Erica thullen Fecteau, did I do something wrong for it ?

  58. susie kuzilla says

    For all my friends that has babies that wears diapers you can get Diapers for Target for only 2.49 a pack plus free baby wipes….. Print out the 3.50/1 diaper coupons from target… Link here —-> plus you can stack this with a coupon from link found here ——> save 3.00/1 use them both together to only pay 2.49 for each pack. Target deal is when you buy 2 pack of diapers you can 1 pack of free wipes… These coupons can be printer two times each!!!!

  59. Erin says

    Hi – At Shop Rite Am I allowed to use a catalina coupon along with a manufacturer coupon for the same item? Or does that depend on the individual store’s policy? Thanks! Erin

  60. Ramon Elliot says

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  61. Jeremy Ryan says


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  64. sarah says

    How do you grow a stock pile and use a coupon for doubling when you get coupon’s that say limit use one coupon per item or one coupon per house hold?

  65. gayle says

    How can I get that suscribe facebook popup removed – every time I go to your site, which is daily, it pops up, and I can’t see the “close” unless I change my view to 75%; it would be nice to get that removed. Thanks

  66. says

    An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto
    a colleague who had been conducting a little research on this.
    And he actually ordered me breakfast because I found
    it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!
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